Your Company Sucks: It's Time to Declare War on Yourself

Your Company Sucks: It's Time to Declare War on Yourself

Mark Stevens

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 1935618547

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It's every businessperson's nightmare: his or her company is failing, dysfunctional, stuck in neutral, and/or is disappointing overall, from the finances to the customer feedback.

Put bluntly—but candidly—the company sucks.

That's the bad news. The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way.

Every business can rebound from its lows, regain its momentum, thrill its customers, and be the source of pride and profits its owners and shareholders seek.

This U-turn must begin with you, the owner or senior manager, declaring war on yourself. You must face the fact that the malaise the business suffers from is ultimately your responsibility and your doing, and even more important,that it will not be rectified unless you take the lead. Face the hard truth. Take the difficult actions. Demonstrate determination, creativity and resolve.

This insightful book makes three points clear:

1. The key to long term business success is for the leader to declare war on him/herself so that the company never rests on its laurels.

2. Only four factors lead to business failure/decline/lack of growth/dysfunctionality. Identifying and addressing these plagues is the focus of the war.

3. Customer satisfaction is a curse in disguise. The overwhelming need is to thrill your customers/clients.

Your Company Sucks pulls back the curtain on business performance to reveal the four reasons businesses decline. It identifies your company's red flags, and provides a powerful and innovative methodology to transition from failure to flourish. It's not too late to turn your company around—go from sucking to soaring!

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sign documents, agreements, vendor invoices, etc.—no one wants their fingerprints anywhere near the scene of the crime. The entire team, from top to bottom, appears to have given up. Silence and inaction reign as all gather around to watch the Titanic sink, with no one even trying to right the ship. No one seems to be working, so the place is graveyard quiet. There are no debates, discussions, presentations, or brainstorming sessions. The patient’s vital signs appear ready to shut down. Just when

expeditiously to adopt an action plan. One that will be effective enough to turn your company around must not only sniff out and correct any of the four reasons that your business has suffered—rudderless leadership, the lust-to-lax syndrome, incompetence, and conventional thinking—but must also focus on how to get (and keep) customers hooked on your business. You don’t want your customers happy, you want them thrilled. The following is my four-step Action Plan. Step 1: View Your Business with

judgment and prompts the kind of giddy optimism that makes one feel as if all is wonderful in the world, and furthermore that everything is possible; a sitting governor can vanish, lie about his whereabouts, fly off to make passionate love to a mystery woman, and convince himself that no one will know a thing about it. It can only be ascribed to Temporary Insanity. Temporary Insanity In the strange brew that is life, we can fear and pursue something simultaneously. This seeming disconnect

a 240 D. Once I drove the German wonder, once I was thrilled, once the owner made my son feel like a king, there was no turning back (until my brief flirtation with Porsche). You know you’d have been thrilled, too. And by now, you should be discovering that you can do the same to your customers. It doesn’t have to cost a dime. We all enter a relationship with a business with a checklist of questions: How I will be treated? Will I find the merchandise or services attractive? Are the return

and has served a stellar roster of clients including Nike, Starwood, GE, Guardian Life, Intrawest, Estee Lauder, A.I.G., The MONY Group, Environmental Systems Products, Virgin Air, and hundreds of main street businesses. MSCO deploys a proprietary business-building methodology based on capturing customers, amplifying them, and maintaining them for perpetual growth. The author of two dozen books, including the bestsellers Your Marketing Sucks and Sudden Death: The Rise and Fall of EF Hutton,

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