You Really Got Me (A Rock Star Romance)

You Really Got Me (A Rock Star Romance)

Erika Kelly

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0425277283

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The first irresistible novel in a hot new series about a rock star on his way up—and the woman he wants to take all the way…

Emmie Valencia has what it takes to be the music industry’s hottest band manager. She just needs to prove it. Determined to discover a killer new band, Emmie is ready to make her move. First stop: Austin, Texas.

As a sizzling-hot lead singer, Slater Vaughn has no trouble raising heart rates—but his band’s been flat-lining for years. When Emmie, his bandmate’s sister, crashes with them in exchange for some free management, her industry know-how lands them a spot in the biggest music festival in Texas. But it isn’t just her business acumen that catches Slater’s attention. Emmie is sexy and warm, and—for the first time in his life—he wants more.

But as irresistible as Slater is, Emmie is done with musicians. In her experience, a man can’t be a rock star and someone to trust with your heart—but Slater is determined to show her he’s both.

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gutter, tree branches, awnings, just about everywhere. A patio with moss growing between the stone panels gave way to a sloping green lawn. Trees bordered the property, their limbs spilling forward into the yard, making them look like graceful dancers. “This is beautiful.” An idea struck her, and she went back inside. “Hey, your mom mentioned something about having me over for dinner. What if we had the guys over, too?” His features tightened. “No.” She could picture them all outside, playing

relationships.” “I’ve never met anyone I wanted one with.” “Why my sister? I mean, shit. I’m serious, you’ve got a thousand chicks to choose from. You didn’t have to choose her.” Slater knew he had to pick his words carefully. So he took his time. Derek rubbed his shoulder, grimacing in pain. “You want some ice?” “What I want is for you to leave my sister alone.” Derek set his elbows on his knees, hands coming together. “She’s a really good person.” “I know it. And I’m the lucky bastard she

was giving Emmie? God, it set firecrackers off in her chest. Her heart pounded fast and hard, and her face felt like it would split from smiling so widely. He pushed away from Piper, and then he was right there before Emmie. She flung herself at him. His knees bent as he cupped her ass and lifted her. Her arms and legs banded around him, her hands clasped behind his damp neck, and their mouths found each other. She kissed him with all the joy and desire in her heart. When the kiss turned

you don’t take your eyes off it. And I’m willing to give you guys a hundred percent—you’re my brothers—but only if we can agree we’re not in it to be rock stars, to fuck groupies, and party. Because that shit’s going to burn out fast. I’m not risking Emmie for a situation that’ll wind up in failure. And that’s what I predict if we continue on this path.” “This is why we have the no-girlfriend rule,” Pete said. “You’re thinking with your dick.” Slater spun on him. “Wrong, asshole. Do you know

into her hot, hungry mouth. She sucked him in deep, making his body jerk, and then drew him out slowly, her tongue dancing and licking around him. Christ, liquid heat shot through his veins, and he didn’t know how the hell he was supposed to not move. Her hand gripped him at his base while her mouth sucked him to the back of her throat, her tongue working him madly. If he didn’t thrust, he’d go insane. It was too much, too intense. But if he moved, everyone would know what was happening in his

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