Wired [UK] (December 2015)

Wired [UK] (December 2015)

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Pages: 246

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orbit, wired.co.uk) Dhrupad Marwa, via Facebook “I hate hearing stories about people trying to ‘cure’ autism (Steve Silberman: Why are we still treating autism like an epidemic? 10.15). Ridding the world of it could be a very dangerous thing. Many scientists display ‘autistic-like’ traits, as do many artists and people of intellect. Also, many people may go through life with some autistic traits and never know about it. You could have it and never know.” Perri Wheeler, via Facebook MAGAZINE

of hearing to those who are hearingimpaired. It’s driven by the principle of sensory substitution, a major area of Eagleman’s research that looks at how technology could tap different sensory pathways to allow someone, in effect, to regain a lost sense. Worn PSYCHOLOGY Sex doesn’t sell, and the advertising industry knows it A study debunks all the things you think you know about ads adjusts its own circuitry to match the tasks at hand; it comes to reflect the environment that it drops into.

its title and,soonafterwards,movedtoLondon. But with the internet, which The Guardian embraced relatively early, the group evolved again, rapidly transformingitsoutlookintoonethatencompassed the English-speaking world. If that consists of at least 1.5 billion ILLUSTRATION: JANNE IIVONEN; THE NEIGHBORHOOD STUDIO people then The Guardian, which in June reported 129 million monthly unique visitors, is still only reaching a fraction of its potential audience. With an opportunity to reach at least

Tuck School of Business academics Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble, they may call innovation different things, but giants like General Electric, Deere & C o m p a n y, P ro c te r & G a m b l e and PepsiCo know exactly how to do customer development and build minimum viable products. When we talk about iconic disrupters today, we usually mean the likes of Apple, Google and Facebook. But those companies are less than 40 years old. By contrast, institutions like Barclays (325 years old), The

each work in progress to different departments – lighting,developmentoranimation–for Pixar and Disney animation president Ed Catmull in front of the colour script for Inside Out further notes and feedback. “We’re constantly watching the movie to see: is it good? If it’s not, we fix it,” Mann says. “You keep tearing it down. We’ve cut alotofgreatmoments,notbecausethey weren’t great, but because they weren’t right for the film.” The process requires a strong mindset, and can be fraught. “It takes a

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