Who Stole My Mojo?: How to Get It Back and Live, Work and Play Better

Who Stole My Mojo?: How to Get It Back and Live, Work and Play Better

Gary Bertwistle

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 1741755336

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Everyone loses it from time to time—their magic, charm, vitality, zest, drive, spirit, and passion. This book explains how to get it back, and how to avoid losing it again.

When someone is feeling flat, bored, uninspired, or lacking motivation, chances are they have lost their mojo—that spark that makes the difference between having just a good day and having a great day. For anyone who needs a kick start in their life, whether it's lifestyle, diet, exercise, relationships, work challenges, or the ability to get out of bed a half hour earlier in the morning, this guide provides a common sense approach to put the zest back into life. Loaded with practical tips and tools from real people who have been there, done that this resource is designed to help anyone return and retain their mojo, for good.

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rested. It’s a great way to start the day. You may not think that using the subconscious mind is something that will work for you, but take this scenario as an example of how your subconscious mind goes to work without you even being aware of it. Say you were at a dinner party and someone asked you the name of a particular actress in a film you saw some time ago, and for the life of you, you can’t think of her name, although you know you know who it was. An hour later, while dessert is being

only appropriate for the Coca-Colas and Telstras of the world (mind you they could do with some help too at times!). It is just as appropriate for you and I as individuals to start promoting ourselves to those around us as it is to those big brands trying to get you to choose their product. One of my heroes of all time is P.T. Barnum, from Barnum and Bailey’s Circuses. P.T. Barnum once said ‘a terrible thing happens when you don’t promote yourself . . . nothing’. BE CURIOUS In my first book

well. The hardest part is changing to a Mojo mindset of eating for energy, eating for vitality and eating for Mojo, as opposed to just eating things because they taste good. By ensuring that your diet is 70 per cent live food you’ll also be getting rid of the excessive processed food from your diet. Processed foods are just that—foods that have been processed to within an inch of their life, and have little or no nutritional value or energy associated with them at all. The problem with processed

conversation going without a lot of huff and puff, then you’re probably going too hard. This is the secret to making exercise work for you in order to lose weight, feel great, steal back your Mojo and build your endurance for life. For good health you should endeavour to spend thirty-five to forty minutes exercising at your ideal heart rate zone at least three times a week. You don’t have to run until it hurts in order to get value for your exercise time. Go slower for longer and make sure you

you take a tip or a couple of tips each week, try them, put them into practice, and the next week try something else. Don’t try to do it all at once. Take small steps each day to get your Mojo working. And if in two weeks, a month or six months time you’re sitting on a bus or staring at your computer wondering ‘Who stole my Mojo?’ just remember—you did, and at any given time you can steal it back! So what are you waiting for? Get your Mojo working and get back into the game of life! LAST THOUGHT

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