Where Does Art Come From?: How to Find Inspiration and Ideas

Where Does Art Come From?: How to Find Inspiration and Ideas

William Kluba

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 1621534022

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

William Kluba, author, takes an in-depth look at the origins of inspiration and ideas, to help us better understand where creativity comes from in our bodies and minds, and to understand how this intangible force translates into artistic expression. This book is full of techniques to foster the inspiration behind artistic work and to utilize the creative process. Where Does Art Come From? not only provides a resourceful guide for aspiring and professional artists, it presents an entire way of life that will transform the way you approach each and every day.

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time with your finished work can give you insights about yourself, too. I learned to understand my own personal iconography through looking at my work for long periods of time. This is not a vanity thing either. The learning process has stages that you don’t want to eliminate, and spending quality time with your finished work is one of them. I feel like I have become the viewer just like anyone else who has had the chance to view my work after it has been completed. I can make my own assessments

didn’t arrive. Out of necessity, she had to come up with another idea for her project. She worked with native fishermen of the area who helped her make an outdoor sculpture out of fishing nets. This snowballed her into creating amazing urban public sculptures that flow with the wind. If you look her up online, you will be astounded at what she ended up doing with her art career. I would definitely see this as a handicap that was overcome by tenacity, spontaneity, and creativity. Be brave, be

is. He is considered the father of conceptual art in the modern art world. Duchamp made sculptures he called ready-mades, which meant he took common objects from our daily lives and recontextualized them by placing them in galleries. In doing so, he made it startling to see these objects out of context. We looked at them very differently. He also used materials not associated with the art-making process. He created a new paradigm for creating art. Perception in viewing art means a great deal when

breakthroughs fueled by what seemed out-of-my-realm ideas that proved to be some of my best works. The more you bring to the table the less skeptical you will become. Ideas come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes they are images, sometimes they are words, and sometimes they are feelings. They are all valid ideas. Most ideas are snippets, not fully realized or finished products. They wouldn’t be ideas if they were. Often, you will receive an idea that tempts you to try something new. These are

was a drawing, a painting, or a sculpture. When I noticed these similarities I began to consciously alter and move my work into new directions that I found inspiring and fresh. I became aware of certain looks in my work that I found clumsy or uninviting and changed those intentionally. This happens when you take seriously the need to reexamine your work on a constant basis. I don’t think I would have this awareness without patience and commitment to a steady growth in my development. This

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