United States History 1912-Present Interactive Flashcards Book (Flash Card Books)

United States History 1912-Present Interactive Flashcards Book (Flash Card Books)

Language: English

Pages: 448


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

REA’s Interactive Flashcard books represent a novel approach which combines the merits of flash cards with the ease of using a book. One side of each page includes questions to be answered, with space for writing in one’s answers — a feature not usually found on flash cards. The flip side of the same page contains the correct answers, much as flash cards do. United States History 1912-Present is fully indexed making it easy to locate topics for study. Thanks to the book form, there is no need to look for and fish out appropriate questions from a box and put them back in the proper order, and there is no need to carry around a box of 1,000 flash cards. The book is easier to take along and carry.

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The Republicans nominated George Bush while the Democrats nominated Michael Dukakis. A318 “No new taxes” Questions Q319 How many states did Bush win in 1988? Q320 How did the Bush administration respond to the reduced threat from the Soviet Union? Q321 In 1989, President Bush signed into law an increase in the minimum wage. What was the new rate? Correct Answers A319 40 A320 In 1990, the Bush administration proposed to cut military spending by 10 percent and the armed forces by 25

U.S. A383 Toni Morrison A384 Dr. Jack Kevorkian Questions Q385 What significant sports event was cancelled in 1994? Why? Q386 What was the name of the Bull Moose Party’s platform in 1912? What were its major provisions? Q387 What was the main feature of Socialist candidate Eugene Deb’s platform in 1912? Correct Answers A385 The World Series A player’s strike A386 The new nationalism Federal old age; unemployment; accident insurance; eight-hour work days; woman suffrage; abolition

How was the public mood affected by the war? Correct Answers A28 The War Industries Board coordinated industrial mobilization by allocating raw materials, standardizing manufactured products and instituting strict production and purchasing controls. A29 The War Labor Board was created in April of 1918 to prevent strikes and work stoppages in war industries. Union membership doubled during the war from about 2.5 million to 5 million. A30 A number of volunteer organizations sprang up around

of Iraq and Kuwait; and the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Middle East Conference at Madrid, Spain in October 1991 A575 March 11, 1990 A576 The unilateral removal and destruction of ground based nuclear weapons in Europe and Asia. Questions Q577 What popular television preacher was involved in a sex and money scandal in 1987? Q578 What contributed to the growing number of illegitimate births in the United States in the 1980s? Q579 Who did President Bush appoint as “Drug

Criticism of; for China’s Most Favored Nation status “Gag Rule” lifted Health Care Reform Movement of Troops into Persian Gulf 1994 Popular Vote won 1992 Supreme Court appointees Whitewater Scandal Commission of Base Realignment and Closure 1989 Commodity Credit Corporation Established Purpose of Communism In China leader of In Czechoslovakia In Poland break away from Loss of monopoly in Soviet Union Conciliation Treaties Exhibited Purpose of Congressional economic

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