Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business (Ultimate Series)

Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business (Ultimate Series)

Ted Prodromou

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1599185601

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

How To Get Connected with More than 300 Million Customers

This popular title delivers an in-depth guide to targeting, reaching, and gaining ideal customers using the latest updates on LinkedIn. LinkedIn expert Ted Prodromou offers a wealth of no- or low-cost methods for maximizing this dynamic resource. Following his lead, readers learn to link with the most effective connections for greater exposure.

Updates in this edition include:
Staying up-to-date with LinkedIn Contacts, Pulse, and Publisher programs
Expansion of premium accounts to help optimize business profiles, stand out in search results, and track impact
How to implement new features like Showcase and Company Updates pages for extended presence in newsfeeds and with followers
Smarter LinkedIn Search that saves time and money with customized, comprehensive results

Other important topics covered include:
Techniques and tips to easily navigate LinkedIn’s interface
Time saving tips on finding and matching data from businesses and people
Expert guidance on super-charging a business or individual profile
Insider advice on getting found through LinkedIn and maximizing search
Professional instruction on promoting a LinkedIn profile

The latest information is illustrated with current snapshots, fresh examples, and case studies, along with new techniques to easily maneuver LinkedIn’s interface.

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post on my Facebook page. I post excerpts from my Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business books on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites that link to landing pages where people can download free chapters of my books. When I first saw the excerpts on Facebook I wasn’t happy because I wanted to keep Facebook personal. Then I started receiving more downloads of my free chapters from Facebook than I was from Twitter and LinkedIn. After

want to use the same search optimization techniques that you used when you set up your personal profile when you’re setting up your company page. LinkedIn revamped company pages in 2014 to improve the user experience by making the pages more engaging and to increase brand awareness. Showcase pages replaced the product pages so it’s easier for companies to feature their products and services. It’s now easier to recruit new employees using the updated company pages by featuring job openings and

staffing, & employment news. Recruit talent, find jobs, careers, executive, alumni, and professional connection. Members in US, UK, Europe, Canada, India, USA. The Recruiter.com group is managed by Recruiter.com, the global recruitment platform. Join Recruiter.com to network, find jobs, and connect with both corporate recruiters and recruitment agencies. As you see, they clearly state they are the top LinkedIn recruitment group, which catches your attention immediately. They go on to describe the

LinkedIn’s revenue comes from recruiting so they’re constantly improving the dashboard and adding new features to ensure you’re finding the best candidates for your company. 176 ■ CHAPTER 19 / RECRUITING NEW EMPLOYEES ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LINKEDIN FOR BUSINESS FIGURE 19–3. The LinkedIn Recruiter Dashboard THE JOBS NETWORK The LinkedIn Jobs Network is the fastest-growing job network on the internet. Nowhere else on the internet can recruiters find more highly qualified candidates for their

information and business intelligence. Unfortunately, most LinkedIn members don’t see LinkedIn as a powerful 1 1 ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LINKEDIN FOR BUSINESS business tool. They see LinkedIn as a place to post their profile and expect others to hunt them down without providing any value to the site. Today, LinkedIn has become a very powerful business-oriented search engine. With the advanced search features, you can find great employees to hire, find the perfect company to work for, find highly

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