Two Lives

Two Lives

Jan Vivian

Language: English

Pages: 196

ISBN: B006024CYM

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

To fulfill a dream you have first to draw comfort from another person’s understanding. Who can predict the outcome when someone new enters your life or a close companion has to make a difficult choice?

In Two Lives a portrait painter seeks to rediscover his true creative talent; he also has need of a companion. Fame and a modest fortune are no substitute for a woman who truly understands his circumstances. A journalist helps him to find his way – she appears to have a settled life but during the course of their exchanges over the internet, and their meetings, he helps her to confront her past.

Letters of Conscience features a severely wounded First World War officer who returns home to his wife; she is soon haunted by his experiences. What she learns and helps him to overcome is the legacy of a failed attempt to save a man from the firing squad. What he has endured, suffered, and miraculously survived appear to him to be no commendation for a bravery medal. She believes his salvation to be her watchful God’s response to her prayers.

Beauty and Light concerns a stained glass artist for the St. Johns Church, Gouda, and a guide. He is a craftsman who restores and maintains the beauty of the glass; she shows visitors the centuries old windows and the enduring message that they contain. She explains their Biblical and perhaps personal significance. The woman soon realizes that the glazier has brought a particular and revealing light onto her own life and marriage.

The story, I Love You, In So Many Words, is set in California. A British Army veteran of the conflict in Afghanistan is on recovery leave before his medical discharge. He is obliged to confront his altered circumstances but nothing can prepare him for the consequences of a chance meeting with a young woman, in a roadside eatery. They soon realize that the songs played as background music in the diner, where she works, are a source of personal reflection and inspiration for their new lives, together.

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he dead?’ Martin asks coolly. ‘No…’ Roberta tells him. ‘No,’ Ericka repeated woodenly. She rested her head in cupped hands and looked down at the counter’s surface with unseeing eyes. ‘I want to be with him now, with Jamie. I have to be with him…there for him.’ ‘Didn’t know…you didn’t say you’d gone so far for him,’ Debra consoled. ‘It was sudden…we just found each other.’ ‘Here? Right here, in Starlite?’ ‘Yes…it’s funny how things just happen…’ They stopped talking as Martin quizzed the

having at the party.’ He spoke considerately then looked at Mom. ‘Are you Ericka’s mother?’ ‘Yes.’ Mom held out her hand and Ericka knew how precise she would be in pronouncing her name. ‘Laura…Laura Biondo.’ ‘I’d like to see and be with Jamie, please?’ Ericka interrupted when the moment came. ‘Is that possible? The nurse here says I have to wait…’ ‘Our people will soon be finished,’ he told her with calm assurance. ‘Doing what?’ she asked brazenly. ‘Ericka!’ Mom’s shocked look upon her was

me…the painter. Sure, I may get some congratulatory comments but they’re so often reserved for parts of the work under review, not the complete painting.’ ‘Oh really, is that what you think? I thought that way of appraising a work was only to be expected…how it so often goes.’ ‘Would Frans Hals, or Gainsborough, have taken some of the shit I have to? Do you think Reynolds, or Millais for that matter, would have put up with all this?’ He felt like yelling it out at Jeremy but though better of it

felt the touch of his hand to her throat before he bent to kiss her hair. She relaxed against him and waited. Whatever was at work might soon be disclosed; she had learnt to be patient, recognising the circumstances she faced now only too clearly. He would let go of another memory. ‘They are letters of conscience,’ Edward said suddenly, breaking the silence between them. ‘For who are they intended?’ ‘They’re for me, of course!’ ‘How can you be so sure? I read gratitude for what you had done,

stranger around here?’ the man asked before Ericka could answer him. ‘Yes…in a manner of speaking.’ Jamie spoke curtly before he turned to her. ‘It’s Saturday,’ she now told him in a matter-of-fact tone, ‘so it’s easy.’ She was startled by the noise of his roller blades clanging against the counter; it made people look their way. ‘Sorry…’ ‘Dress how you go…what would you like?’ she asked now and took in his sports gear. It seemed he had taken in some of her advice on what to wear to stay

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