Toxic Relief, Revised and Expanded: Restore health and energy through fasting and detoxification

Toxic Relief, Revised and Expanded: Restore health and energy through fasting and detoxification

Don Colbert

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We live in a toxic world. And with new disasters—oil spills, earthquakes, tsunamis, and radioactivity—it is only getting more toxic by the day. You need toxic relief! In this new revised and expanded edition of Toxic Relief, Dr. Don Colbert provides an easy-to-understand and comprehensive explanation of the toxic battle you’re in and a proven program to cleanse your body in just thirty days. 

* Learn about dangerous foods to avoid and healthy substitutions you can make.
* Detoxify your body with a rotational juice fasting program.
* Overcome fatigue! Learn how to find the right foods and supplements.
* Explore the spiritual and physical aspects of fasting.
* Find out why saunas and exfoliating detox your body.

Deep cleansing your body down to the cellular level will renew your vitality, restore your energy, reclaim your health, shed toxic fat, lengthen your life, and give you a healthy glow you haven’t had in years. Brighten your outlook and change your attitude as Dr. Colbert guides you to healthy living—body, mind, and spirit.  

Don Colbert, MD, is board-certified in family practice and anti-aging medicine and has helped millions of people to discover the joy of living in divine health. He is the author of numerous books, including the New York Times best sellers Dr. Colbert’s “I Can Do This” Diet and The Seven Pillars of Health.

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intake of hot fluids stimulate its release. I highly recommend that you consult with a dentist specially trained in the removal of amalgam fillings. (See Appendix D.) A second high-risk source of mercury is in our food supply through the consumption of fish and shellfish. Although fish and shellfish contain high-quality protein and are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, nearly all fish and shellfish contain traces of mercury, as mercury is released into the atmosphere in great measure through

body. It helps control inflammation, is critical for the immune system, boosts energy, and protects cells and tissues from free radicals, which protects you from disease. Furthermore, glutathione is important for optimal function of the five most important organs in the body—the heart, lungs, brain, liver, and kidneys. Glutathione is also required for optimal function of the immune system and for maintaining healthy eyes. Glutathione is considered the most abundant and most important antioxidant

announcement of the explosions at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Suddenly the world collectively wondered, Will this be Chernobyl again? With a nuclear meltdown like the one that happened in Japan in March 2011, two major concerns worry health officials most. The first is the release of radioactive iodine that causes thyroid cancer. The second is the release of cesium, which is absorbed throughout the body and stays in the organs, tissue, and atmosphere much longer than the radioactive iodine.18

but their cells have become resistant to the effects of insulin. Type 2 diabetics may fast using vegetables that have a low glycemic index. Use a Vitamix blender so that you will retain the fiber and lower your blood sugar. Some diabetics may be able to juice low-glycemic fruits such as berries, Granny Smith apples, lemons, and limes without raising their blood sugar. They may fast using a well-balanced, high-fiber protein supplement called UltraGlycemX by Metagenics. (See Appendix D.) It’s

special time. 4. Dedication: Write a prayer of dedication, devoting this fast time to God and to His purposes in your life. Day Two Repentance and Reconciliation You shall cry, and He will say, “Here I am.” If you take away the yoke from your midst, the pointing of the finger, and speaking wickedness. —ISAIAH 58:9 Fasting is a way to help you to enter into God’s presence where you can minister to Him through praise, worship, and thanksgiving. Here are some steps to follow to help

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