Thinner This Year: A Younger Next Year Book

Thinner This Year: A Younger Next Year Book

Chris Crowley

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0761177469

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Now in paperback, the latest book in the New York Times bestselling, one-million-copy-plus Younger Next Year franchise. The book that tells every reader how to lose weight, discover new vitality, and get in the best shape of your life. The book with the no-nonsense, no-BS, no-shortcuts approach. The book that shows that there’s a revolution in aging going on. The book that is the how-to of that revolution.

Chris Crowley, the memorable patient and coauthor of Younger Next Year, partners with Jen Sacheck, a nutritionist and fitness expert from Tufts University, and in lively, alternating chapters they spell out a weight-loss plan that will have readers losing up to 25 pounds in the first six months―and, much more significantly, keeping it off next year, and the year after, and so on, for life. The message is straightforward and based on the most up-to-date nutritional science: resist the added-fat, added-sugar concoctions created by the food industry; skip the supplements; pile on fruits and vegetables to your heart’s content, but it’s OK to eat lean meats, too; and don’t drink your calories. And exercise! With its simple, fully illustrated program of 25 “sacred exercises,” here is everything the reader needs to build muscle, protect joints, add mobility, and put off 70% of the normal problems associated with aging and eliminate 50% of serious illness and injury.

“Clear, concise, well-balanced nutritious diet plan. Realistic exercise . . . [and] the combo of the authors―nutrition scientist and witty writer―makes this an easy-to-read volume with loads of timely, science-based information.”
―Madelyn Fernstrom, Diet and Nutrition Editor, TODAY and

“Chock-full of easy recipes, meal plans, and exercise diagrams.”
The Wall Street Journal

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Cross-Linkage: The body is naturally “cross-linked” to facilitate movement across the body, lower right to upper left and vice versa. Think golf swings, tennis strokes, slap shots in hockey—all kinds of rotational movements. You need strength on the opposite ends of your body, but also at the core. Step 1: Set a cable machine with the grip close to the floor. Start with a light weight and feel your way. With one leg forward in a split squat, grasp the handle with the opposite hand; if your left

lot of time together, and we mapped out a program for you, the same one that’s summarized in The Promise. We want you to lose up to twenty-five pounds in the next six months while you’re learning to move again. We are not all the same, and some of you will take longer . . . up to a year in some cases, but six months for most. That’s a pound a week, which does not seem aggressive, but it is. Very. Or do it more sporadically, à la Plan B. But do it. It will change your life. Chapter Two The

including some of my closest family members, who take all sorts of other things, and it drives me bonkers. Year after year, I continue to be stunned that Americans have not caught on to what I see as basically a scam. By and large, supplements don’t work. There are no magic bullet pills. With minor exceptions, supplements are a waste of money and time. I know that some of you will never be convinced. Many people cling to the perceived power of supplements as a matter of near-religious faith

great personal sadness, that being a hair or two overweight at our age is not okay. It is the opposite of okay. It is rotten for our health. Rotten for our mobility. Rotten for our joints. Rotten for everything! Stored fat makes you ugly and sick. Ugly is too bad, but sick is serious business. And eventually, stored fat makes you sick. It makes a ton of sense to go to a lot of trouble to get rid of it. A pity, but true. Jen and I are slow to urge you to lose ugly fat because it is so damn hard,

is optimized. We are able to store more glycogen in our muscles, so that it is not depleted as quickly. Free fatty acids are better mobilized and made more readily accessible to trained muscles. The availability of fat as a fuel reduces the pressure to deplete stores of muscle glycogen. The enzymes in muscles that burn fat become more plentiful and more active. There is an overall “glycogen sparing,” which is critical for you to maintain any muscular activity. And don’t forget that your ability

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