The Will To Win: Leading,competing,succeeding, The

The Will To Win: Leading,competing,succeeding, The

Robert Herjavec

Language: English

Pages: 296

ISBN: 1443409863

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In his bestselling business book Driven: How to Succeed in Business and in Life, Robert Herjavec, the former co-star of CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den and current co-star of ABC TV’s Shark Tank, urged his readers to take risks, take control of their lives, and stay true to their own visions. Now, in this inspirational follow-up, Herjavec wants to push his readers even further towards greatness.

Whether you are seeking to build the next big company in communications technology, to become the most respected teacher in your educational system, or to make a lasting impact as an artist in your field, the most important decision you can make, according to Herjavec, is to reject mediocrity. In the long run, “good enough” is never good enough, whether in our personal lives or in our careers.

Drawing on anecdotes from his own life and from the lives of celebrity friends such as Oprah, Georges St-Pierre and Celine Dion, Herjavec delivers valuable life lessons that promise to guide readers to greater happiness and success.

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did something that other people thought was really foolish. After several years of working in the factory, he was laid off. Okay, it happens. What he had to do, friends told my dad, was apply for unemployment insurance. It wouldn’t bring in a lot of money, but it would carry us until he was rehired at his old job or found an entirely new one. Dad refused to collect the benefits owed to him. He said he would find a way to get by until he was back at work again. “But you paid into it,” everyone

goals in politics or other endeavours. Whether your ladder is set up to climb to self-fulfilment or enormous wealth, you may find yourself lagging behind others who seem to reach the top rung of every ladder they scale, while you’re still on the lower rungs. How did they do it? What makes the difference between those who reach the top and those who are left near the ground? Many people want to know the difference because they believe it will help explain why they failed to achieve the level of

high jumpers would imagine every step they took to reach the bar and rise above it; tennis players would picture their ideal serves and returns; football receivers would imagine running perfect patterns on specific plays and catching the ball every time. In almost every instance, picturing the achievement in the mind yielded improved results in reality. The idea is to eliminate negative feedback, and it’s as applicable in business as anywhere. 7. Remember the only way to eat an elephant—one bite

when it’s important for everyone to know what is happening, why it is happening, what kind of impact it will make and on whom. Depending on the nature of the news, it could be communicated via a newsletter, weekly meetings or the company’s intranet site. Be open and honest. Sometimes you can’t reveal all the information that people would like to know about a situation. Admit this and promise to provide full details as soon as possible. Then be sure to keep your promise. As soon as you can reveal

make sure you can leap safely to the other side, always with your eye on that prize at the peak. Each step you take and each metre you climb brings you closer either to success or failure. (This analogy works, by the way, whether we’re talking about career planning or personal relationships.) There comes a time, so I’m told (I have not been tempted to try mountain climbing myself), when climbers on their way to the top reach a critical juncture and are faced with three options. The first is to

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