The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B

Teresa Toten

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0553507869

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Filled with moments of deep emotion and unexpected humor, this understated and wise novel explores the complexities of living with OCD and offers the prospect of hope, happiness and healing. Perfect for readers who love Eleanor & Park and All the Bright Places.
Grow immediately.
Find courage.
Keep courage.
Get normal.
Marry Robyn Plummer.
The instant Adam Spencer Ross meets Robyn Plummer in his Young Adult OCD Support Group, he is hopelessly, desperately drawn to her. Robyn has an hypnotic voice, blue eyes the shade of an angry sky, and ravishing beauty that makes Adam’s insides ache. She’s also just been released from a residential psychiatric program—the kind for the worst, most difficult-to-cure cases; the kind that Adam and his fellow support group members will do anything to avoid joining.

Adam immediately knows that he has to save Robyn, must save Robyn, or die trying. But is it really Robyn who needs rescuing? And is it possible to have a normal relationship when your life is anything but?
Select praise for The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B:

“. . . achingly authentic. Like Augustus Waters before him, Adam Spencer Ross will renew your faith in real-life superheroes and shatter your heart in equal measures.” —Kirkus Reviews, Starred

“This book made me laugh, cry, think, and kept me coming back for more.” —The Guardian
“Adam is a protagonist that readers will root for.” —VOYA
“Honest, fresh, and funny . . . Toten employs information about OCD like grace notes in this deft and compelling narrative.” —Booklist
“Adam is a fresh and complex character, and far more than the sum of his symptoms.” —Publishers Weekly

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November 17 THE LIST Adam Spencer Ross Meds: Anafranil 25 mg 2 × per day Ativan as needed 5–7 per week Primary presenting compulsions: Counting, Clearing, Threshold issues Chuck looked back up. “Are the meds okay, the levels? Should we raise the Anafranil? Maybe it’s time to switch over from Ativan to clonazepam?” “No!” Adam was hit with a physical flashback of all the nightmare side effects, the roller-coaster nausea, the itching, the thick-tongued numbness he’d felt with all the drugs

becoming Catholic.” Maria’s dark, coal eyes warmed, but only by half a degree. Clearly, Catholic did not trump crazy for her. “He goes to St. Mary’s and he introduced me to Father Rick at Holy Rosary. But remember not to tell Daddy.” Robyn beamed. Maria snorted. Adam took a careful sip of the best thing he had ever tasted and said, “This is the best thing I have ever tasted!” Maria snorted again, finished pouring and reluctantly left the room. “She likes you,” said Robyn. “Yeah, she has

residential was a massive piece in my being able to function and put one foot in front of the other.” Residential. “I honest to God don’t know where I’d be without it, or without you guys.” She looked directly at Adam. “Robyn is right.” Chuck nodded. “This is an extremely positive step for Connie and she will join us all again in a few weeks. I’ll update you as best I can, and we’ll talk about getting in touch next session, okay? So until then, try to remember that this is the very best thing

Robyn reached for Adam’s hand and began walking towards the south gate. “No, Robyn. I don’t live over there and we’re not pretending anymore. I’m going back through the north gates.” They were soaked to the bone and still they didn’t move. “Okay,” she finally said. “You turn around and go first. I’ll watch and keep you safe.” “No, it’s my job to keep you safe.” “Go! It’s pouring, and we’re going to drown. Go!” She pushed him. “Adam, let me take care of you, just this once.” He shoved his

which Carmella had disembowelled years ago. “How many fingers am I waving, Mrs. Ross?” The other firefighters started for the upstairs and his mother began wailing in earnest. “No, no, please don’t …” Thor stood guard at the door, directing traffic, but Adam could see the crying was getting to him too. And then, thank God, Chuck appeared. And then his father. And that’s when Adam collapsed inside. His mom clung to him even as the paramedics insisted that she let go. They would have to

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