The Ultimate Tea Diet: How Tea Can Boost Your Metabolism, Shrink Your Appetite, and Kick-Start Remarkable Weight Loss

The Ultimate Tea Diet: How Tea Can Boost Your Metabolism, Shrink Your Appetite, and Kick-Start Remarkable Weight Loss

Mark Ukra, Sharyn Kolberg

Language: English

Pages: 322

ISBN: 2:00022418

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It's proven! Tea can be a powerful tool for fast and lasting weight loss.

The Ultimate Tea Diet harnesses tea's incredible weight-loss potential in a straightforward plan for losing weight in a safe and healthy way. Tea's ability to encourage weight loss comes from the synergy of its three main ingredients: caffeine to stimulate, L-theanine to neutralize the harmful side effects of caffeine and act as an appetite suppressant, and EGCG, which causes you to burn fat faster and more efficiently. In other words, tea reduces your appetite and stimulates your metabolism.

Don't worry—you won't go hungry on the Ultimate Tea Diet. The food plan includes tea-based meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as tempting choices for midday snacks and sweet treats. All are made with tea so not only is your food incredibly flavorful, but you're also getting the weight-loss benefits in every single bite you enjoy.

Drinking tea—and maintaining a conscientious focus on good health—can easily become a way of life. Slim down to a leaner, more energetic, and healthier you with the Ultimate Tea Diet.

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seconds. These factors will change the taste. If you do use sweetener and don’t want to use sugar, agave (a honey-like substance from the cactus plant), or honey, I recommend and urge that you stay away from the chemicals in those blue, pink, and yellow packets and try stevia, a noncaloric natural sugar substitute that you can find at any health food store, instead. TEASER Concerned About Caffeine? Resteep Your Tea A lthough you’ll learn a lot more about caffeine as you read through this book,

placebo. After the six weeks, both groups were given two challenging behavioral tasks. Both groups were found to have similar stress levels when the tasks were completed; however, an hour later the cortisol levels had dropped by an average of 47 percent in the teadrinking group compared with 27 percent in the caffeinated placebo group. So it seems that L-theanine not only reverses caffeine’s harmful effects but assists to reduce stress, which in turn reduces appetite and the storage of fat in

program can and will work for anyone who would like to lose weight. You can lose at your own pace and you don’t have to starve yourself or skip meals. The weight loss is amazing; you’ll say, “Oh, I can do this.” Everywhere I go it’s me and my tea. I love it! I am amazed at the results I’ve had being on the Ultimate Tea Diet. I am happy to say that my blood pressure medication has been cut in half. My clothes are loose-fitting and inches are melting away, oh happy day! I work out three to five

is the most astringent of the teas, meaning that it has a higher tannin content. Some people enjoy black tea best by adding milk or lemon juice; others like their black tea “black.” These are bases to which all ingredients are added to make flavored teas. However, because each type of tea has so many varieties, you may want to try several “pure” (unflavored) teas first and then move on to those with other flavors added. The Flavors of Tea If you can think of a flavor you love, you can probably

caffeine/L-theanine/EGCG triad that sends your brain signals to help you feel full. That, in combination with changing your thoughts to change your reality, makes it easy to incorporate the Ultimate Tea Diet as a way of eating and a way of life. It has to be easy, because that’s the only way you and I will stick to it! This is not a new fad diet, one you’ll start and then can’t stay on. I would never put myself on anything like that, so why would I recommend it to you? I am not going to tell you

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