The Treasure Box: A Novel

The Treasure Box: A Novel

Penelope J. Stokes

Language: English

Pages: 308

ISBN: 1595545999

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Vita Kirk is a travel writer who has never left her hometown. In fact, she rarely leaves her house. Due to deep wounds and bitter losses, Vita has chosen isolation over vulnerability. But when she stumbles across an antique chest in a hole-in-the-wall boutique, she discovers a puzzling link to her past and her physical surroundings mysteriously begin to change. Inscribed in the treasure chest are the words, "Love is the key that unlocks every portal."

The power of these words prove to unlock a part of Vita she thought had died years ago.

"Stories like this go by many different names-fantasy, time-shift, magical realism. Some are overtly Christian or religious in nature, others are not. But from a spiritual perspective, the common thread in all these works is the redeeming, transforming power of God's grace not only to alter the future but to change our understanding of the past."--Penelope Stokes

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night. A one-car accident, head-on into a telephone pole on a deserted road outside of town. The driver, a sixteen-year-old sophomore who had received his license five weeks before, had been killed instantly. Hattie had gone face-first through the windshield. Half a twelve-pack of beer lay on the floorboard, and six empty cans littered the backseat. The doctor wouldn’t let her into the room, but Vita went to the hospital anyway, every afternoon for a week. Not a single one of Hattie’s new

was enough. For years now Vita had written travel guides for a small publishing company in New York City. Vita wasn’t oblivious to the irony—a travel writer who never went anywhere. Still, it was interesting work and it paid the bills, and she learned a lot in the process—information that convinced her, had she needed any persuasion, to stay right where she was. She knew, for example, how many tourists got mugged annually in airports and alleyways and city parks, how many wallets were lifted

rotting garbage in the alley below our bedroom window?” He stood up and donned his suit coat, then stalked to the door and opened it. “When you start bringing in money, you’ll have earned the right to criticize,” he said. “In the meantime, I suggest you keep your mouth shut.” He slammed the door behind him, and as she heard his boots clattering down the stairs, she realized he hadn’t even kissed her good-bye. When Derrick was gone, Cathleen washed up the breakfast dishes, cleaned up the

day together, I have a little surprise for you.” She went to the corner, where she kept an adjustable fitting mannequin, and removed the sheet that covered it with a little flourish. “I had to guess at your size, but I’m fairly certain it will fit.” It was a coat of worsted wool, the rich dark hue of ripe cherries, with a notched collar and bright brass buttons down the front. Rachel had never owned such a fine garment, and despite her disappointment at losing her job, she took in a little gasp

shoulder the unbearable burden of finding the one ‘right way.’ If you believe in Divine control, you become fatalistic, assuming that whatever happens, happens— and you can’t do anything to change it.” Vita leaned forward, gripping her hands around her coffee cup until her knuckles turned white. “And this counselor has another idea?” Mary Kate’s eyes caught Vita’s gaze and held it. “Yes. She suggested that there might be many futures, many possibilities for a life, but not all of them will come

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