The Subversive Job Search: How to Overcome a Lousy Job, Sluggish Economy, and Useless Degree to Create a Six-Figure Career

The Subversive Job Search: How to Overcome a Lousy Job, Sluggish Economy, and Useless Degree to Create a Six-Figure Career

Alan Corey

Language: English

Pages: 120

ISBN: 2:00151910

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"The Subversive Job Search isn't just career advice that is thinking outside the box, it's making a whole new box!"
--Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and business expert, star of ABC's Shark Tank

"Alan's our kind of job hunter: unconventional, determined, and not without a good sense of humor."
--Josh Abramson, cofounder,

"Whether you're out of work or stuck in a dead-end position, The Subversive Job Search offers up advice that can help you improve your standing--with a handful of laughs at Alan's expense along the way."
--Neil Janowitz, Senior editor, Fast Company

"Simply put, The Subversive Job Search pays for itself in one sitting. Alan's unique approach to job hunting is perfect for anyone looking for viable next steps to a bigger paycheck."
--Alexandra Levit, author of They Don't Teach Corporate in College

Millionaire real estate investor Alan Corey reinvents himself as a career man after having to go on a job hunt for the first time in 10 years at the worst possible time: during a historic economic depression. As unemployment rates sky rocket, Alan begins his subversive job hunt and details all the loopholes, back doors, and sly techniques it took to go from being hopelessly ignored to being incessantly headhunted. The result: Alan was able to land an entry level $40,000 salary day job and turn it into a $190,000 a year career just 24 months later. The Subversive Job Search details how you can do it too.

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resume. I sent it off for jobs that pay $50k, jobs that pay $150k, and everything between. I applied to real estate jobs, sports-related jobs, computer jobs, writing jobs, and more. I just needed a job that would pay more than my unemployment checks (not hard to achieve) and then I’d work out what I wanted to do with my life from there. Anything that seemed remotely enjoyable, achievable, or profitable besides customer service got my resume. I couldn’t admit it to myself that that is probably

test the hell out of it. Something that you think is impressive sounding on your resume just might be the one thing that is creating a negative reaction. In the end, it’s working smarter over working harder. A perfectly tailored resume travels much farther than a resume that tries to fit all possible jobs out there. What You Can Do Today The best way to get hired at your target job or profession is to improve the chances of getting found. To enhance search engines finding your resume, it

stand out and be noticed at the job you do have now. If you don’t have a job, I’ll inform you how to differentiate yourself from the competition and create bidding wars over your services. And I’ll instruct you on how to be a well-paid expert in your field with just a few simple tweaks to your resume. So if you find yourself constantly swearing because of your paycheck or lack thereof, this book is for you. If your incompetent coworker got a raise and you didn’t, this book is for you. If you

give you a peek at what you are up against pay wise for similar jobs within your city. From there, you can research job listings with the same job title and descriptions to access your current value on the marketplace. If you are new to the workforce, then you probably know exactly where you stand: at the bottom. But don’t fret; focusing on entry-level careers or internships is a great strategy when just starting out. Everyone’s been there at one point, and it is a numbers game, so you’ll have

depression returned. And then I went out and spent some more money to give me something to do. I was in a cycle of blowing money and feeling down, one temporarily canceling out the other. It was a fruitless effort with no lasting satisfaction. (I imagine this is what being a Kardashian is like, but way less money. And way less booty. And minus the depression part. Well, probably nothing like them at all, thankfully.) During this time, my bar and restaurant was spinning its wheels and just

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