The Pugilist at Rest: Stories

The Pugilist at Rest: Stories

Thom Jones

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0316473049

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Thom Jones made his literary debut in The New Yorker in 1991. Within six months his stories appeared in Harper's, Esquire, Mirabella, Story, Buzz, and in The New Yorker twice more. "The Pugilist at Rest" - the title story from this stunning collection - took first place in Prize Stories 1993: The O. Henry Awards and was selected for inclusion in Best American Short Stories 1992. He is a writer of astonishing talent. Jones's stories - whether set in the combat zones of Vietnam or the brittle social and intellectual milieu of an elite New England college, whether recounting the poignant last battles of an alcoholic ex-fighter or the hallucinatory visions of an American wandering lost in Bombay in the aftermath of an epileptic fugue - are fueled by an almost brutal vision of the human condition, in a world without mercy or redemption. Physically battered, soul-sick, and morally exhausted, Jones's characters are yet unable to concede defeat: his stories are infused with the improbable grace of the spirit that ought to collapse, but cannot. For in these extraordinary pieces of fiction, it is not goodness that finally redeems us, but the heart's illogical resilience, and the ennobling tenacity with which we cling to each other and to our lives. The publication of The Pugilist at Rest is a major literary event, heralding the arrival of an electrifying new voice in American fiction, and a writer of magnificent depth and range. With these eleven stories, Thom Jones takes his place among the ranks of this country's most important authors.

The Contract

The Harder They Come

The Final Adversary

Cosmopolis: A Novel

One Night That Changes Everything













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Popular Forces let go with the beehives, the flechettes sounding like whip- lashes. We decided to lay low in the trench long after the cap- tain called a cease-fire. I stuck one of Mason's Kotex pads on BreakonThrough 59 Gerber's wound and pressure-taped it with the last of the duct tape. Gerber said that the wound didn't hurt. The only thing that bugged him was that he could feel blood squishing in his boot. "How bad is it, Hollywood? I don't even want to look." "Gerber, you're

wrists and holds me down. He fucks me so hard I have orgasms like epilepsy. I love Bocassio even when I hate him. We drive the Ferrari to Nice. Bocassio shaves his beard. His face is pale and tender like a baby's, yet it looks much older than his twenty-eight years and it unsettles me. He says, "Hard miles on this face." 1 1 8 The Pugilist at Rest In Monte Carlo Bocassio starts a fight with two young men he catches sitting in the Ferrari, play-driving. One of them comes on to me.

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seat." As Ad Magic rummaged in the bag, the doctor came up alongside him and grabbed his wrist. He examined the little stainless- steel bracelet. "Epilepsy," the doctor said. "Mmm." He presented Ad Magic with a little flask of gin. "Swallow this und lie down," he said. "Horse will take time." It was dark when Ad Magic came to. The boxer dog was stand- ing over him, sniffing his face. Ad Magic rolled over and abruptly jerked himself upright. A number of oily torches had been lit,

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