The Precious Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena

The Precious Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena

Longchen Rabjam

Language: English

Pages: 151


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Aong the works in Longchen Rabjam's famous collection, The Seven Treasuries that commonly known as the Chöying Dzöd concerns the spiritual approach known as trekcho (cutting through solidity), which brings spiritual practitioners of the highest acumen to freedom effortlessly.

The Chöying Dzöd consists of two texts: this book, a set of source verses entitled The Precious Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena, and Longchenpa's own commentary on those verses, A Treasure Trove of Scriptural Transmission.

The original text side-by-side with English translation. 141 pp.

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that is not made or unmade. Awakened mind subsumes the universe of appearances and possibilities, all of samsara and nirvana. Lucid and uncompounded, it can be compared to the sun shining . in the empty sky. Occurring primordially and naturally, it is a spacious, timeless expanse. Mind itself is an unchanging, vast expanse, the realm of space. Its display, the dynamic energy of awakened mind, is indeterminate. In that it entails mastery over samsara, nirvana, and all spiritual approaches, this

omnipresent awareness. Given the way of abiding, nondual and free of acceptance and rejection, if you engage in conduct again and again, you will see that there is no conduct to enact. No conduct to enact-this is the conduct of omnipresent awareness. Given spontaneous presence, timelessly ensured and free of hope and fear, if you strive to achieve again and again, you will see that there is nothing to achieve. Nothing to achieve-this is the fruition of omnipresent awareness. Within the state of

meditation involves no recollection or thinking. One's nature is unwavering and uncontrived. Unplanned and completely free of the formation of ideas, the true nature of phenomena, the naturally settled state, is without transition or change throughout the three times. The most sublime form of meditation involves no stirring or proliferation of all-consuming thoughts. Any abiding in suchness is the sacred state of mindthe unique state of buddhahood, free of all characterization. 93

Do not reject afflictive emotions and karma! Don't accept! Don't accept! Do not accept anything as true! Don't bind! Don't bind! Do not bind your mindstream! Since everything reverts to a state of evenness, with no object whatsoever existing, there is no orderly process, there are no phenomena, there is no identifiable frame of reference. The ground collapses, the path collapses, and any sense of a fruition collapses, so you cannot conceive in the slightest of good or bad, loss or injury. Your

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