The Miracle Carb Diet: Eat More, Lose More, and Never Feel Hungry Again--with Fiber!

The Miracle Carb Diet: Eat More, Lose More, and Never Feel Hungry Again--with Fiber!

Tanya Zuckerbrot

Language: English

Pages: 267

ISBN: 2:00157872

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Eat More. Weigh Less. Live Longer.

Celebrated nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot knows that when it comes to losing weight, addition is better than subtraction. Her secret? Add the Miracle Carb to your diet so you don’t need to subtract delicious, satisfying foods.

The Miracle Carb is dietary fiber, and chances are you don’t get the recommended daily requirement, even if you’re eating a healthy diet. Tanya introduced the world to fiber with the F-Factor Diet, and thousands of people have lost countless pounds, improved chronic conditions like diabetes, and gained more energy and vigor for living. And they did it all without sacrificing their lifestyles or the foods and drinks they love.

With The Miracle Carb Diet, Tanya is making it easy for you to jump right into living life the F-Factor way. This not just an eating plan; it is a simple and effective action plan for achieving your best self without disrupting your best life. Tanya’s here to help you lose weight fast, and then keep it off!

You’ll discover:
- The four easy stages of the Miracle Carb Diet—you could lose up to 12 pounds in the first month!
- Suggested fiber-rich foods and menu plans ideal for each stage, plus recommendations for eating out and enjoying cocktails from day one.
- More than 100 original recipes and shopping lists and templates for journaling for better results.
- Tanya’s inspiring anecdotes, case studies, and tool kits for defense against specific food cravings and obstacles, plus super sidebars, tips, tricks, and more to help motivate and inform.

The Miracle Carb Diet is a life-changing plan that’s enjoyable, flexible, and doable, based on Zuckerbrot’s extensive clinical experience as well as her in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge food and nutrition science. So go ahead and raise a glass to the Miracle Carb Diet (yes, you can enjoy that wine guilt-free) and celebrate the miracle of fiber that lets you eat more, weigh less, and even add years to your life.

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