The Incredible Banker

The Incredible Banker

Ravi Subramanian

Language: English

Pages: 308

ISBN: 8129118777

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A new Expat CEO, a bank riddled with losses in its Retail banking business, mind numbing politicking amongst the honchos, aggressive loan sales guys battling the listless credit folks Greater Boston Global Bank(GB2) seemed to be like anyother foreign bank. Till it all changed one day when Ronald McCain, CEO of GB2 is hurriedly pulled out of his morning team huddle and summoned by the RBI Governor. What ensued thereon was something Ronald was least prepared for. How could something as catastrophic transpire in an organization, considered to be the Mecca of banking? Ronald has no answers. And when the CBI lands up at Deepak Sarups doors trailing the scent of a the same scandal, Ronald decides to distance the bank leaving Deepak, a senior executive, to fight his own battles. Will Karan, Deepak's one time adversary and now a Journo, bail him out? Will Savitha, his girlfriend, stand by him? And will his family; the CBI and more importantly the country believe what he says? With the media and CBI in hot pursuit, Ronald can't help but wonder what hisfate has in store for him An intriguing tale of love, politics, unbridled aggression and money laundering, "The Incredible Banker" isthe last in the trilogyof banking chronicles Sometimes future can only be seen in fiction. "The Incredible Banker", a tale of corporate politics, deceit, relationships, frauds and money laundering releases in August 2011 raises some interesting and some worrying aspects of living lifetheforeign bankway. A crucial question, to answer which the reader will have to navigate his way through this 300 page blockbuster, is - What does the embedded "Red" in "The Incredible Banker" signify? Read the book to unravel the mystery.

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charitable imagination. They often said that India made 'huge commitments' but never delivered. There was a credibility problem that the Indian team faced in its interactions with the global management. 'India is a country of glorious powerpoint presentations' was the regular party gossip and often a water-cooler conversation in the Singapore office. He had to change it and he only had two options - either try to change the work culture and make the Indian team execute well, or change the people

Thursday. He normally was the first one in on any given day. A stickler for punctuality, he made no bones about the fact that he hated latecomers. 'Do not steal bank's time,' he would tell people in meetings. 'The bank pays you for coming at 9.00 a.m., so please be in by 9.00. If you stay back and work till late to compensate your inefficiencies, it is your problem. The bank does not expect people to stay late,' he would thunder in the town hall meetings. And to be fair to Ronald, he made it a

profitable business. The year 2007 seemed to have gone off very well for GB2. When he finished his 'rockstar' presentation, all the stakeholders gave him a standing ovation. Hadn't he led the bank admirably and made it one of the hottest emerging market banks in the world? The numbers pleased almost everybody, or so it seemed going by the smiles all around. Most of the analysts had predicted a profit of $1.9 billion for the region but Michael Smith's GB2 beat it to record over $400 million

Sarup,' this oxymoronic statement from Thakurta stumped Deepak. 'Sorry?' Deepak didn't like his tone. The look on Deepak's face turned aggressive. 'I will give you whatever information I have. But as of now I am completely clueless on what you are referring to.' 'Do you know somebody by the name "Francis" ?' asked Thakurta, with a straight face. Deepak thought for a while and responded, 'No, I do not know anybody by this name. In fact, I don't know anyone you might have an interest in.' 'Mr

the next course of action only after consulting Bhaskar and Andy. It was too big for him to take a call on his own. Tuesday, 15 December 2009 GB2 Offices, Mumbai ONALD McCain was a harassed man. If it was only The Times of India on Monday, the newspapers on Tuesday were splashed with stories about Deepak and GB2. Stories about how the banks had relaxed their stringent hiring criteria and about how easy it was for anti-social elements to get into banks dominated the media space. Times

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