The Game Changer: The Final Score

The Game Changer: The Final Score

Language: English

Pages: 248


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Game Changer: The Final Score by L.M. Trio
(Part 2 of The Game Changer by L.M. Trio)

The story continues with Luke being released from prison, forced to face many challenges that developed due to his careless decisions. His greatest challenge is facing Jesse, the girl he refuses to let go....

Meanwhile, while Mikey handles all that comes with being a young star, he soon realizes that his life isn't fulfilled without the girl that has been tugging at his heart for all of these years.

The Game Changer: The Final Score is told from 4 different perspectives: Luke, Mikey, JJ & Deanna

WARNING.DISCLAIMER: Due to adult situations and language, not appropriate for children under the age of 17

Uneven Development: Nature, Capital, and the Production of Space

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head, I let it drop to the floor, I’m kissing him fiercely and he continues to respond. Impulsively, I remove my own shirt. I run my nails down his back as I push him back towards my bed. Suddenly, he pushes me away. I wrap my arms around his neck and try to kiss him again. He pulls his head back and grabs my wrist with his hands. “JJ, stop,” he says sternly. He reaches down, picks my shirt up off the floor and hands it to me, averting his eyes towards the wall. Embarrassed, I quickly put it on

evening, while at their house, we play cards while we watch the Phillies’ game on TV. I partner up with Deanna since I am the only one who never played poker before. I love being at their house, but sometimes it makes me miss my mom. I like when everyone is sitting around together, having a good time. I miss that at my house. The three of us always had fun together. My dad’s great, he tries so hard, but it’s not complete without my mom there. After we finish playing, De and I hang out in her

eyebrows a little. It won’t hurt and I’m going to add a tiny bit of translucent eye shadow to your eyes, so you won’t really see it, but when you close your eyes it will add a touch of sparkle. Okay, now a bit of liner and mascara and a touch of lip gloss.” She says excitedly as she lightly applies everything. “There… Perfect. You don’t need much make-up. You’re naturally pretty, but this is nice for night time because it will bring out your eyes and lips a little more...What do you think?” I

arm. He’s still watching me and gives me a smile, or a smirk, really, and holds up his glass to me. I return his smile and quickly turn away. Timmy still has his arms wrapped around De. They look happy together. “I’m so happy your back. I’ve missed you.” I give her a hug. “You look beautiful. How do you feel?” “Thank you, so do you. I’m exhausted. I’m happy to see you guys, though!” I hand her the drink. “I think I’m starting to get my second wind. This is great, isn’t it?” She asks while

arms crossed behind his head, watching me freak out. “For one, stop laughing. You’ve got to get the hell out of here! He likes you and all, but not if he finds you in his daughter’s bed,” I yell, as I continue pushing him out of it. “How?” he asks, hardly able to get the words out. “I’m not making it out of the window in time; there’s no way.” He’s standing between the door and the closet, looking at me for answers, with a gigantic, nervous grin on his face. As I hear the footsteps in the

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