The Crack in the Cosmic Egg: New Constructs of Mind and Reality

The Crack in the Cosmic Egg: New Constructs of Mind and Reality

Joseph Chilton Pearce

Language: English

Pages: 224


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The classic work that shaped the thought of a generation with its powerful insights into the true nature of mind and reality.

• Defines culture as a "cosmic egg" structured by the mind's drive for logical ordering of its universe.

• Provides techniques allowing individuals to break through the vicious circle of logic-based systems to attain expanded ways of creative living and learning.

The sum total of our notions of what the world is--and what we perceive its full potential to be--form a shell of rational thought in which we reside. This logical universe creates a vicious circle of reasoning that robs our minds of power and prevents us from reaching our true potential. To step beyond that circle requires a centering and focus that today's society assaults on every level. Through the insights of Teilhard, Tillich, Jung, Jesus, Carlos Castaneda, and others, Joseph Chilton Pearce provides a mode of thinking through which imagination can escape the mundane shell of current construct reality and leap into a new phase of human evolution.

This enormously popular New Age classic is finally available again to challenge the assumptions of a new generation of readers and help them develop their potential through new creative modes of thinking. With a masterful synthesis of recent discoveries in physics, biology, and psychology, Pearce reveals the extraordinary relationship of mind and reality and nature's blueprint for a self-transcending humanity.

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culminating in that absolutely-other demand, sexuality. Autistic thinking is self-contained. It operates beyond the restrictions and modifications of a world. That is why this kind of thinking can make an unlimited synthesis of experience. Anything is “true” in A-thinking; any of its constructions are “universals,” or cosmic truths. It is just this capacity, still operating in the adult mind, even though only peripherally and unconsciously, that creates the postulate arriving full-blown in the

places from infancy. Their world view is either scanty or different for they are always feeble minded at best. In 1951 a child was found in an Irish chicken-house, having somehow survived there with the chickens, since infancy. The ten-year old’s long hair was matted with filth; he ate at the chicken trough; roosted with the flock; his fingernails had grown, fittingly, to semicircular claws; he made chicken-like noises, not surprisingly; he had no speech and showed no promise of learning any in

potential” movement I didn’t know existed. I was bemused to see how the cosmic egg of culture responds to the cracks that form within it, as when the crack-oriented movement called the New Age slowly became part of the very cultural fabric from which the crack should deliver us. In the introduction to the first edition, I stated that this book was written for that person “who cannot stand where he is and has no place to go.” I claimed that here in this crack were boundless alternatives, but

man sits in the same vehicle does not mean that the internal-combustion engine is really just a horse. This discontinuity in the growth of mind makes ridiculous our current attempts to equate man with the lower animals. Langer doubts that we can rely on any built-in behavior patterns. The range of our possible actions has been so enormously widened by our conceptual powers— imagination, conception, and speculation—that “no inherited repertoire could fit the contingencies” of our world. Skinner

breath. Here are both lover and loved split by that Liebestod that tears one’s universe asunder. But here is More ! More ! Here is our need and the fulfillment of all need. Here is the balm for the unbearable, the arc across the unbridgeable. Here is the ongoing of loser and lost. So I find that my concern and love for life, my longing and desire, have sowed a wind within this orb of skull, and here in this spiraled fire I reap the whirlwind of all the worlds. guide to the reference

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