The Breeds Novels 7-11

The Breeds Novels 7-11

Lora Leigh

Language: English

Pages: 1173

ISBN: 2:00207670

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Stygian's Honor and Deadly Sins—five novels in the series featuring the genetically engineered Breeds—paranormal adventures filled with intense animal passion and compelling human emotion.

Bengal's Heart

Lion's Heat

Styx's Storm

Navarro's Promise

Lawe's Justice

Best Lesbian Erotica 2007

Bondage Trash


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Gentlemen's Club: Erotischer Roman




















this, Cassa,” Douglas promised her. “You’ll have to catch me first.” She took off before the words had left her lips. She was running, crashing through the undergrowth and clamoring over the boulders that ringed the valley. She could hear Douglas screaming behind her, then, seconds later, the labored chase he was giving. God, he was crazy. A true hunter he wasn’t. Didn’t he take the time to know his adversary? To pay attention to the fact that the men helping him were no more friends of his

many years ago. She and her sister both had learned the danger of ever giving rein to their desires versus locking them down. She pulled back slowly. “Nice little trick.” His head lowered farther, his lips so close to her own that she stilled just as quickly, terrified of allowing her own to brush against them. Merinus had warned her about the potency of a Breed’s kiss and the hormone that filled the small glands beneath the Breed’s tongue. “What trick.” She didn’t dare lick her lips, not

was going on and why a Breed was now attempting to turn world opinion against them. It didn’t make sense. The Breeds could be merciless, she knew it, she had seen it firsthand. But never without reason. And though H. R. Alonzo no doubt deserved a bloody death, if even half of the charges the Breeds laid against him were true, still, there were courts and trials for a reason. Breed Law protected the Breeds against men like Alonzo. It was the reason the law had been written and was now the

Council control. They both wanted something from her. The same thing. Information they believed she held. Information her father had given her before he was killed. She had sworn she would only give it to the person her father had promised would come for it. It was the only task he had ever trusted her with, the only vow he had asked her to make. He and her brother had died for her safety; she wouldn’t betray them. But she was so tired. She was tired of having to fight to live, so tired of

daring him just as fiercely as he was daring her now. “Then we can talk.” Talk wasn’t exactly what he had on his mind. Laying her down and licking her from head to toe—now that idea held some merit. He was curious though. How much longer would the mating hormone treatment she was taking allow her to hold out? She was doing damned good. A hell of a lot better than he was actually. “Sure, we’ll talk.” He wasn’t promising what they would talk about though. Awareness of her tingled over his flesh

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