The Bombardier Story: From Snowmobiles to Global Transportation Powerhouse

The Bombardier Story: From Snowmobiles to Global Transportation Powerhouse

Larry MacDonald

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1118482948

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The story of the company that was founded by the inventor of the snowmobile

In 1942, Joseph-Armand Bombardier invented the snowmobile and founded his company to manufacture them. From its humble beginnings as an entrepreneurial company in rural Quebec, led by an enterprising inventor, Bombardier Inc. has emerged as a global leader in the transportation industry. This book tells the fascinating tale of this remarkably well managed company that has enjoyed spectacular growth in its chosen markets through strong leadership and management strategy, succession planning, strategic diversification, and turnaround and acquisition artistry.

  • The fascinating story of the world's largest rail manufacturer for both railway and subway
  • Reveals why Bombardier Inc. is a multi-faceted global company yet nobody knows their name
  • Written by Larry MacDonald the author of Nortel Network

The Bombardier Story shows how invention and entrepreneurship, management and leadership, smooth succession planning, and turnaround and acquisition built this global powerhouse.

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handsomely: the next season, the TN’T line was sold out before the snow was on the ground. However, the dealer network was the crucial element in selling Ski-Doos to customers. Laurent and Hethrington worked together setting up and strengthening approximately 18 regional distributorships, which in turn controlled over 2,500 dealerships spread across the North American snowbelt. Each year, a sales meeting was organized for the distributors in attractive locations such as West Yellowstone or the

the relocation of Bombardier’s headquarters from Valcourt to Montreal. 3GC03.indd 67 29/10/12 8:45 AM 68 The Bombardier Story The acquisition process was moved forward a few months later when Les Entreprises de J. Armand Bombardier Limitée sold slightly less than half of its MLW-Worthington shares to SGF, receiving an infusion of $6.8 million from the government investment agency. After this deal was finalized, the family holding company arranged a “reverse takeover” by exchanging shares in

in 1999, Jeb Bush (son of one president of the United States and brother to another) was elected as the new Florida governor. Believing Florida taxpayers were footing too much of the bill, he withdrew state support, effectively scuttling the project. The second megadeal in 1996 was announced just a month after the Florida deal made the news. A consortium led by Bombardier beat out five other bidders to win a $610 million USD contract for 18 high-speed train sets to run in the northeast corridor

its skills on a public infrastructure project, the province was allowing the company to develop a deeper set of skills that could be utilized in foreign markets. It was also providing a demonstration project that would show off Canadian know-how on world markets. Thus, the province was acquiring not just the SkyTrain extension, but also an opportunity to participate in the spread of the automated metro technology to other countries. As contracts multiplied, so would employment and revenues at

turnaround efforts: horizontal integration. As orders for business and regional aircraft 3GC06.indd 171 29/10/12 9:52 AM 172 The Bombardier Story mounted, the new companies coming into the fold provided additional production capacity and new competencies. Work was allocated across the four companies according to their spare capacity and areas of specialization, capturing economies of scale from a more extensive division of labor. As Bombardier Aerospace transformed itself into an integrated

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