The Appetite Solution: Lose Weight Effortlessly and Never Be Hungry Again

The Appetite Solution: Lose Weight Effortlessly and Never Be Hungry Again

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Pages: 304

ISBN: 0062273515

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A weight-loss expert offers a new approach to eating which suppresses hunger and empowers readers to control their appetite, lose weight, and regain health.

The Appetite Solution is weight loss specialist Dr. Joseph J. Colella's aggressive six-week, three-phase plan to help you overcome hunger pangs, diminish cravings, and help you achieve your goal weight—breaking free of the carbohydrate addiction that packed on those difficult-to-shed pounds.

Dr. Colella begins by examining why we feel so hungry and introducing his "Appetite Scale," a measurement that shows which foods lead to weight-gain and cravings. He offers advice for avoiding inflammatory foods or mitigating their effects by pairing them with other foods lower on the Appetite Scale. He then sets you on a prescribed diet that increases satiety, curbs your carbohydrate intake, and launches you on a journey that is forever free from an excessive appetite—allowing continued weight loss without hitting a plateau or experiencing yo-yo weight gain and loss.

Drawing on his unique understanding of diet and the thresholds that make losing weight increasingly difficult, Dr. Colella presents an aggressive plan for resetting your appetite, bringing your weight under control, and keeping you out of the body mass danger zone.

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orange juice. Unbeknownst to Janelle, the bagel and orange juice were loaded with sugar—but they had somewhat less sugar than a sweet roll or muffin. So although Janelle’s blood sugar levels were still persistently elevated, they were slightly lower than her body was used to. This was enough to trigger a “starvation” message that kept her hungry all morning long. As you can see, when you enjoy metabolic success, you are hungry only when your body really needs more food, that is, when your cells

ounce, so please, carry a measuring spoon with you and measure carefully. (See “What Are You Drinking?” for more.) Coffee creamers. Creamers come in many varieties, and some of them are quite high in sugar, especially the flavored, nonfat dairy creamers. If you use a coffee creamer instead of almond or coconut milk, make sure you use one that is sugar free and doesn’t contain any high-fructose corn syrup or other caloric sweeteners. And again, no more than 2 ounces per cup of coffee. Salad

another reason to avoid it. While a drink might initially make you sleepy, once your liver burns off the alcohol, you often wake up, perhaps in the middle of the night, and your natural sleep cycles are broken. Alcohol also inhibits the refreshing deep sleep (REM sleep, or rapid eye movement) that you really need. The Sleep Apnea Connection Let me ask you three simple questions: Are you waking up more tired than when you went to bed? Are you often tired during the day—craving a nap or dozing

increase, it probably is. Feel free to begin with a 10 percent increase in intensity, or even just 5 percent; both will increase how hard you’re working your body and how many calories you burn without risking injury. Remember this cardinal rule: If a workout feels too hard, it probably is. The most important part of any exercise plan is that the exercises are doable and safe, so you prevent damage and injury to your body. MARTINA’S PHASE 1: WEEKS 1 AND 2 NO CHANGES TO YOUR ROUTINE If you are

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