The 3-Hour Diet On the Go (Collins Gem)

The 3-Hour Diet On the Go (Collins Gem)

Jorge Cruise

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0060793198

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

More Than 600 New Options!

Imagine eating your favorite foods every 3 hours to finally get the results you've been searching for. NO calorie-counting, NO carb deprivation, and NO skipping sweets. Based on the revolutionary principles of Time-Based Nutrition™, this pocket guidebook will give you the slimming secrets you need to enjoy fast food, restaurant meals, gas station gourmet, and much more!

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(6 ounces) Dannon® Light ’n Fit™ Creamy, all flavors (6 ounces) Dates (6) Earthbound Farm® Organic Carrot Dippers with Organic Ranch Dip (1) Figs, dried (2) Figs, fresh (4) Fruit cocktail (1 cup) Grapefruit (1) Grapefruit juice (1 cup) Grapes, green or red (24) Guava (3 small) Honeydew (2 cups cubes) Jell-O® Brand Smoothie Snacks (any flavor) Kiwifruit (2 large) Knudsen® On the Go! low-fat cottage cheese (1) Mandarin orange segments (1½ cups) Mango (1 medium) McDonald’s® Minute

even though I knew my weight was a problem. It didn’t affect my ability to do things. I was active in sports and always had a fun social life. “I was never that concerned; whenever I wanted to lose 40 pounds I’d eliminate carbs from my diet. I’d lose quickly, but then I’d gradually gain it back plus more. I didn’t care if the diet was healthy and I yo-yo’d all my life. “Now I get it. It’s about a lifestyle change. I still eat what I want, but I’ve learned the nutritional value associated with

America’s leading weight-loss expert for busy people. He is the New York Times bestselling author of 8 Minutes in the Morning® (published in 14 languages) and the author of the new best seller The 3-Hour Diet™. Jorge has also coached more than 3 million online clients at and is the exclusive “Diet Coach” for AOL’s 23 million subscribers. Jorge is seen nationwide as the regular “Diet & Fitness Correspondent” for Extra and serves as the “Slimming Coach” for First for Women magazine.

will be going to bed early, too. Eating every 3 hours should not interrupt your schedule. 3. Select the Right Number of Calories You should consume 1,450 calories a day. Although I’ve done all of the calorie counting for you, I thought you’d like to see how those calories break down into meals and snacks. Sample day 7 a.m. Breakfast—400 calories of balanced nutrients 10 a.m. Snack A—100 calories 1 p.m. Lunch—400 calories of balanced nutrients 4 p.m. Snack B—100 calories 7 p.m.

in place of the dressing provided. Wendy’s® Taco Supremo Salad Order without sour cream and without chips. Lunch/Dinner: Restaurant Meal Options When you go to a restaurant, it can be intimidating to ask for a meal your way—but remember, you’re paying the money to be there! The establishment and servers are there to make your dining experience the best it can be, and they will be the first to assert that the customer is always right. Here are a few tips I find helpful when eating

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