That Wintry Feeling (Debbie Macomber Classics)

That Wintry Feeling (Debbie Macomber Classics)

Debbie Macomber

Language: English

Pages: 187


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Debbie Macomber’s special warmth and heart shine in this tender story of letting love find its way home, now available for the first time as an eBook.
After watching the man she loves walk down the aisle with her sister, Cathy Thompson needs to get away. Alaska—beautiful, remote, and far from bitter memories—sounds like the perfect place to start over. But a brand-new life comes with brand-new challenges . . . namely Grady Jones, a pilot and single dad who has a solution to both their problems: a marriage of convenience. 
Grady isn’t looking for love. He tried that once and failed. He just needs a wife, and Cathy is smart, easy on the eyes, and adored by his daughter. But Grady doesn’t count on the way Cathy gets under his skin, the way she makes him want to be a better husband and father. Grady didn’t think he had any more love inside to give, but Cathy proves him wrong. With his wife by his side, this pilot learns to soar on the wings of a future neither of them dreamed possible.

BONUS: This edition includes excerpts from Debbie Macomber's Last One Home and The Inn at Rose Harbor.
Praise for Debbie Macomber
“No one tugs at readers’ heartstrings quite as effectively as Macomber.”Chicago Tribune
“The reigning queen of women’s fiction.”The Sacramento Bee
“It’s impossible not to cheer for Macomber’s characters. . . . When it comes to creating a special place and memorable, honorable characters, nobody does it better than Macomber.”BookPage
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explained, looking to Grady. “We both felt she’d be more comfortable meeting you in familiar surroundings.” Cathy gave her mother’s waist a tiny squeeze, silently expressing her appreciation for her easy acceptance of the little girl. As they headed down the terminal to retrieve the luggage, Grady leaned over and whispered, “You can let go of my arm now. I think the circulation’s been cut off.” “Oh, sorry,” she murmured, and relaxed her hold. “Is everything okay?” he questioned, his voice

around, her eyes flashing angry sparks. “Don’t push you?” she hurled back. “Blast it, Grady Jones, either you be on time for dinner or … or …” She couldn’t think of anything that would put a chink in the steel-hard wall he had erected, blocking her out of his life. “Or what?” he taunted, his voice grating as if he found her sudden display of temper amusing. Defeated, she avoided his eyes. “Please, Grady, just be home.” He didn’t answer her. Instead, he grabbed his lunch and stalked out the

eagerness to be indoctrinated into the delights of motherhood. Releasing a sigh, Cathy looked around her. The sun was shining and the sky was that fantastic blue, blue she had marveled at when first moving to Alaska. The day held promise, more promise than she had felt in a long time. Ugly Arnie tangled with her feet as she came in the door, and she stooped to pet his short fur. “How is it a handsome fellow like you got stuck with a name like Ugly Arnie?” She giggled and stopped midstep, aghast

that I’d carried with me all these months eased. In its place came serenity, a peace that’s difficult to describe. Unfortunately, this contentment didn’t last long, my eyes suddenly flooding with tears and embarrassing me as we finished the tour. Paul would have loved this inn, too. But I would be managing the inn alone. Thankfully the real estate agent pretended not to notice the emotions I was struggling to disguise. “Well, what do you think?” Jody asked expectantly as we walked out the front

not?” She hadn’t eaten much dinner, her stomach uneasy over the coming meeting. Grady signaled the waitress, who pulled a pad from her apron pocket as she approached. “Are you ready?” “I think so.” Grady looked at Cathy, indicating she should order first. “I’d like a piece of apple pie.” “I’ll have the pie and a cup of coffee.” As soon as the woman moved away from the table, Grady asked, “Do you normally order a diet drink with pie?” Her eyes laughing, Cathy nodded. “It soothes the

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