Thai Yoga Therapy for Your Body Type: An Ayurvedic Tradition

Thai Yoga Therapy for Your Body Type: An Ayurvedic Tradition

Kam Thye Chow

Language: English

Pages: 240


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A form of Thai Yoga Massage that focuses on the three Ayurvedic body types

• Explains how to determine a person’s Ayurvedic body type and provides hands-on techniques for working with them

• Brings the practices presented in Thai Yoga Massage to a new customized level of therapeutic healing

The traditional healing arts of Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Massage have a deep and integrated relationship that provides an unparalleled modality for restoring body, mind, and spirit. Although it originated in India, over the centuries Ayurveda has been assimilated into the predominant Thai culture and has evolved into a distinctive folk medicine. With the growing popularity of Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Massage, there is a renewed interest in reuniting these practices into a powerful therapeutic alliance.

Thai Yoga Therapy for Your Body Type bridges the practice of Thai Yoga Massage with its ancient Ayurvedic roots to offer a complete and holistic healing modality. The authors first explain in detail the fundamental principles of Ayurveda and then recommend daily practices for each of the three main body types of vata, pitta, and kapha. Practitioners learn how to customize their work with the appropriate massage approach, recommended yoga asanas, breathing techniques, and diet and lifestyle tips. More than 50 illustrated, full-body Thai Yoga Massage postures are presented as well as a massage flow for each body type. The authors indicate the Ayurvedic benefits of each posture and detail any precautions that should be followed in this dynamic practice of transformative healing.

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pitta (fire), and kapha (water). Pranayama is an important part of all therapies and of any healthy lifestyle. Thai Yoga Therapy for Your Body Type is unique in that it brings together these key concepts of yoga and Ayurveda for determining individual type and condition. This adds a great deal of depth and specificity to the treatment. The authors link yoga therapy with the broader range of Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations relative to individual constitution; those recommendations include

extended Thai Yoga Massage, return to the Mortar and Pestle and perform all the single-foot postures on the other foot. To end the foot exercises, caress all parts of the recipient’s foot. Benefits: Promotes circulation to the feet and toes; wakes up the toes. Vayus activated: Apana, vyana Ayurvedic tip: This a playful technique that can be especially good for dispersing pitta’s intensity. Have fun with this swirling dance! Transitional Flow Move to the recipient’s right side and take

bringing your full attention to what you are doing and proceeding with patience, care, and love. You may want to play harmonious music or recite a chant as you cook. In many traditions, a small sacred space is created in the kitchen where a small portion of the meal is offered to the divine spirit. Food absorbs the vibrations created during the preparation of the meal, which then enter our bodies during the digestion process. The quality of the food is greatly enhanced by loving attention—from

the combustion of solid to liquid and liquid to gas. In nature, the fire of the sun governs the processes of creation and destruction of all life forms. In the body, fire governs the process of digestion and metabolism as well as all forms of perceiving and processing on the mental plane. Air is the life force that moves all bodily systems, thoughts, and ideas. This element enables the qualities of creativity and adaptability to exist. In nature, air is found in the oxygen we breathe and in the

of vata leads to an efficient and smooth flow along these channels, while an unhealthy functioning of vata causes obstructions, stagnation, and irregular movement. The pitta dosha can be imagined as a flame that enlivens all bodily processes of digestion. Pitta governs the absorption of all foods and liquids and is responsible for metabolism and absorption, and for maintaining the appetite, body temperature, and eyesight. The pitta flame is also present in the mind, where all thoughts and ideas

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