SmartTribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together

SmartTribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together

Christine Comaford

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 159184648X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Are You Scaring Your People into Mediocrity?
All leaders want to outperform, outsell, and outin­novate the competition. And most teams are fully capable of doing so. The problem: we consistently say and do things that spark unconscious fears and keep our people stuck in their Critter State. This primitive fight, flight, or freeze mode distills all decision mak­ing to one question: What will keep me safest?
Lying low, sucking up, procrastinating, and doing a good enough job may keep employees breathing, but it doesn’t make for vital organizations. Leaders have to get their people unstuck and fully engaged, replacing their old, limiting mental patterns with new patterns that foster optimal performance.
New York Times bestselling author and applied neuroscience expert Christine Comaford knows what it takes to move people from the Critter State into the Smart State, where they have full access to their own creativity, innovation, higher consciousness, and emotional engagement. When an entire culture maintains that state, it becomes what she calls a SmartTribe. Focused. Accountable. Collaborative. Imbued with the energy and passion to solve problems and do what needs doing, again and again and again.
Comaford brings to this book more than thirty years of company-building experience, combined with her expertise in behavioral modification and organizational development. She has helped hun­dreds of leaders navigate rapid growth, maximize performance, resolve internal conflicts, and execute turnarounds with the full support of their people.
Now she shares potent yet easy-to-learn neuro­science techniques that will help you do the same. You’ll learn how to move your team forward and reach your next revenue inflection point using the five key Accelerators of the Smart State—focus, clar­ity, accountability, influence, and sustainability. You’ll get better at anticipating and moving through your own stuck spots and those of your people.
Using her proven system, Comaford’s clients have already created hundreds of millions of dollars in new value. They’ve seen their revenues and profits increase by up to 210% annually; individuals become up to 50% more productive and 100% more account­able; marketing demand generation grow by up to 237%; new products and services created up to 48% faster; and sales close up to 50% faster. They spot changes in their markets more quickly, then pounce on them to create the future they want.
Ultimately, SmartTribes will help you and your team achieve optimal performance and engagement—brilliance—and leave competitors in the dust.

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their mission, vision, and values. The new statements were not that different from Susan’s version, but the team owned them and they were stated in a common language, so they could feel their importance. The firm is now able to consistently attract the talent they need—and the communication and clarity structures helped the entire team see into their blind spots. One year later Susan’s company was zooming toward $270 million in revenue (from $207 million the previous year), with the $500 million

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through observing this childhood trauma from a distance and then defusing the beliefs he formed then. We helped him edit his identity and belief system, which is one of the deepest levels of change we can make. This was essential in order to help him change his capabilities and behavior as a leader of his company. We continued coaching George and began working with his executive team to shift too. The executive team had supported the command-and-control culture that George had created—they were

the owners of the innovations that were approved would specify deliverables and deadlines for their innovation to keep momentum. Then they’d update the IIT on weekly progress via social technologies like the company blog or simply basic e-mail status reports. Innovation of the Month. Since Company DD wanted innovation to occur anywhere in the company, they created an Innovation of the Month program, complete with rewards and celebrations (see chapter 5 on accountability). Team members submit

exercise (see chapter 4) to step onto the Map of the person I will be communicating with. This also helps to reveal their Meta Programs in the problem context. List the person’s Meta Programs in the problem context and craft a message (see many examples in chapter 7). Choose the best influencing phrase (see chapter 8) to kick off my communication. Book a thirty- to sixty-minute (depending on the complexity of the situation) meeting with the person so we will be uninterrupted and have privacy.

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