Reverse Your Diabetes in 12 Weeks: The Scientifically Proven Program to Avoid, Control, and Turn Around Your Diabetes

Reverse Your Diabetes in 12 Weeks: The Scientifically Proven Program to Avoid, Control, and Turn Around Your Diabetes

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0761189440

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A groundbreaking 12-week program to avoid, control, and even reverse diabetes through diet and exercise.

The research of Dr. George King, chief scientific officer of Harvard Medical School’s Joslin Diabetes Center, is widely recognized in the medical community as the gold standard. In Reverse Your Diabetes in 12 Weeks (previously published in hardcover as The Diabetes Reset), Dr. King transforms the center’s cutting-edge research—including the discovery of brown fat and how it enhances the effects of the body’s own insulin—into a program of eight proven strategies.

Foremost is diet—but the real surprise is that the diet that actually works, a modified “rural Asian diet,” derives 70% of its calories from carbohydrates. Dr. King disentangles the myths and confusion surrounding carbohydrates, fats, protein, and fiber, and shows why not all carbs are bad and why sugar is not the root of all evil. Losing weight is also key, but in a very doable way—significant changes happen with a 5 to 7% reduction of body weight. He emphasizes the importance of exercise—it increases the muscles’ glucose-absorbing ability—and gives an easy-to-follow program of aerobic and strength exercises. And he shows why diabetics especially need those seven hours of sleep a night—chronic lack of sleep causes insulin resistance.

A twelve-week plan shows how to put all of it into action—to take charge of blood glucose levels and significantly improve your health.


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it. Research shows that the majority of people who begin an overly intense and challenging exercise plan quit within a few months. That’s why The Diabetes Reset focuses on building up to a practical, sustainable program of regular moderate exercise that can comfortably be done anywhere, anytime. Media Myth: Any aerobic exercise beyond twenty minutes is a waste of time. Like many media myths, this one contains a morsel of truth: After twenty minutes, the calorie-burning effects of a given

form in fish oil, krill oil, algal oil, and flaxseed oil. Besides their antioxidant-promoting benefits, DHA and EPA have potent anti-inflammatory properties as well. Green Tea Green tea contains a wide array of antioxidants in its own right and also stimulates the nrf2 pathway. For a more concentrated dose of its active ingredients you can take a supplement containing green tea extract, widely available in health food stores. Curcumin This nutrient, the active ingredient of the Indian spice

Twelve-Week Implementation Plan Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes: Multiple Causes Require a Mix of Strategies In Part One of The Diabetes Reset, I discussed the many different factors that can affect your glucose metabolism, along with the various measures you can take to neutralize these factors. One of the goals of this book is to help you understand that type 2 diabetes and its precursor, prediabetes, have multiple causes that work in combination, first to gradually reduce your insulin

differently. Are there areas where you can change your food choices? If so, what might you do? Was there a time when you seemed to reverse course? If there was, then why do you think it happened? Tip for the Week: Beware using food to self-medicate stress. Some fascinating animal and human studies (described in more detail here) have affirmed what many people have known instinctively: When stress hits, it can often translate into an overwhelming desire for high-fat, sugary diet-busters. The

reason, scientists have found, is that a high-fat, high-sugar diet actually works to calm the part of the brain that becomes overexcited in a stressful situation. For this reason, it’s important to be extra aware of your eating habits when you’re confronted with stress on the job or at home. Aerobic Exercise Track Levels I and II Level I exercisers, continue your current program. Level II exercisers, you have the option this week of staying at your current activity level or increasing your

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