Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening

Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening

Victoria Boutenko, Sergei Boutenko

Language: English

Pages: 109

ISBN: 0970481950

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There is no knowledge more important than the knowledge of listening to our body for the sake of our own health. We have an illusion that someone from the outside can heal us. If anybody can heal us, it is only ourselves. It will take centuries for science to learn the hopelessness of the attempt to push the everchanging human body into frames of scientific theories. But it is possible to know what we need to do here and now for our health. It is possible to learn to listen to our body's voice.

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fell into place. We live now in the town of our dreams. In order to find it we had to search in every corner of the United States for almost three years and to cross the country on foot. Sometimes we wonder, "What if we had never hiked the Pacific Crest Trail? What if we never left Denver? What if we never went on raw food?" Sergei's Teen Message am so lucky that I am a raw fooder, because I am cured of my diabetes. I will never ever have to worry about getting sick with any

all was the fact that we began to crave cooked food so violently that our continuing to stay on a raw food diet was at great risk. It took us many days to recover from our "heavenly enjoyment" in the restaurant and go back to our stable raw food living. At first we didn't understand why other people could eat cooked food without any visible problem, and we, who actually were in great shape, got sick. Then we thought of healthy people who would get sick if they would smoke, or drink alcohol.

Obviously, the human body builds up a protection against harmful substances. When human beings consume cooked food, their entire digestive tract is coated with a film of mucus. The more poisonous substances they consume, the thicker the mucous film becomes. The naturopaths call it "mucoid plaque." This is how the human body adjusts itself to the consumption of cooked foods. This mucoid plaque protects our blood from absorbing dangerous substances. But at the same time mucoid plaque doesn't allow

don't eat at night. In our family whenever we had any pain we went on a water fast for just a couple of days, and it always worked! If anybody in the world can heal our health problem, it's only our own body. All we need to do is to listen attentively to our organism so we can feel what kind of help our body wants from us. Maybe it wants us to fast on water, or to rest, or to eat certain fruit or to exercise. Our body is constantly communicating with us by different sensations. Understanding

rented a storage unit and began to pack our books, kitchen appliances and other things. Suddenly my brother called from Russia and told us that my mother was dying from cancer and she had maybe a couple of weeks left to live. I hadn't seen my mother for six years. I had to go, but I was afraid to travel to Russia alone. Igor and I flew to see my mother one last time, and our children stayed with our friends in the United States. When we returned from Russia, we came just in time to watch the

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