Psychomech (Psychomech Trilogy)

Psychomech (Psychomech Trilogy)

Brian Lumley

Language: English

Pages: 183

ISBN: 0312853718

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Drawn together by a terrorist bomb attack, multimillionaire Thomas Schroeder and British Army Corporal Richard Garrison become friends, but Garrison begins to wonder about Schroeder's generosity when he learns of his dabbling in the psychic arts. Original.

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Lost Secrets of the Gods














YOU ARE THE BARRIER, RICHARD! the face in the sky answered at once. IT IS YOUR LAST GREAT FEAR. IT IS THAT YOU DON‘T WISH TO KNOW WHAT LIES BEYOND. IT IS THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW BUT WON‘T ACCEPT. VERY WELL, ACCEPT A/£INSTEAD, AND TOGETHER WE CAN COMPLETE THE QUEST. ‘Promise me that!’ Garrison’s request was almost plaintive. ‘Promise me you’ll help me see beyond, help me find the answer.’ I DO PROMISE IT. I PROMISE ANYTHING. Garrison clenched his fists, ground his teeth and rolled his eyes -

knew what was going to happen. But the bomb must have blown the whole thing back into my subconscious mind. Jesus, it’s only just surfaced again! And even now I can’t be sure.’ ‘But you will let me call in a hypnotist? A very professi&nal one, I assure you.’ ‘If it will make you happy. But I’m no closer to knowing what all this is about.’ ‘Very well, I’ll try to explain - in a moment. But first -come with me.’ Schroeder stood up and led the other to the far side of the table, which in fact

got to their feet, came over to the bar. ‘If you don’t mind,’ one of them said in German, ’we’ll take a bottle with us.’ ‘I do mind,’ said Willy quietly. ‘Get out of here!’ ‘Now wait a moment—’ the second guard began. Koenig growled and started to come out from behind the bar. ‘Let them have a bottle,’ said Vicki quickly. ‘It’s on me.’ Koenig paused, shrugged, said: ‘As you wish, Fraulein.’ He passed a bottle from the back of the bar and the two men went out. They were very quiet now and

it strikes. Sometimes it lets me down, but not often. Thomas used to say that my prime function was to think bad thoughts before others thought them. Well, since first you told me about your dream I have been thinking bad thoughts. I am prepared—’ ‘You’re a remarkable and valuable man, Willy Koenig,’ said Garrison slowly. ‘And you’re right - there was violence in my dream.’ ‘How much violence?’ ‘Four men, a knife - I’m not sure. But your walking stick was in it, too. And I notice that you

seemed to assure it. And if he was right, well, that would explain Wyatt’s effect upon the women. Whoever and whatever he was, this man would always be devastating in female company. That was why the girls had drifted away. It had been a mutual understanding between them. To stay would have been to vie for his attention. Later, perhaps, when the booze was flowing that much faster and the veneer of decorum was fast decaying, then they might return. But meanwhile Garrison could easily check the

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