Precision Framing (For Pros By Pros)

Precision Framing (For Pros By Pros)

Mike Guertin

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 1561584630

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Developed as a guide for the authors' crews, this book has evolved into a comprehensive framing handbook -- from basics to finishing techniques. It combines common sense, sound engineering, and craftsmanship. Custom framers can use these procedures -- or adapt them to their needs -- to achieve labor efficiency and excellent results every time.

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71" --+-- I'- ..,' 7' 1" _+'f-+ L _II 'J ./ Materials List 2x12 kiln-dried spruce Cut List Quantity 5/14' 4/16' 3 112" concrete/steel columns 617' 6" with plates 12 lagbolts. 2" x V." wit" washers &h , [ 1 2 ~h ~[' <. ~\[' concrete. That leaves 5 in. of beam bearing in the pocket. The center of the first column is 6 ft. 8 in. from the inside face of the foundation wall and the next column, 6 ft. 8 in. beyond that. You can make the first joint fall on the second support with a 14-ft.

trim. Be selective when choosing the end stud for the interior partition; a straight one works best. Ladder blocking nailed between adjacent common studs Is easy to Install during wall framing or after the walls are lifted. The blocks give fastening points for drywall at 16-ln. or 24-ln_ Intervals and space for insulation behind. The measurements for interior partition walls are generally indicated on the plans within the floor space of the house rather than outside, like the window centers.

you're not at the mercy of your calculator's batteries. Another type of framing sq uare is the big brother to the small triangular square mentioned earlier. The design is the same, but the big ones are 12 in. long and can perform many of the functions of a framing square. Framing squares are useful for more than just stair and rafter marking. As short straightedges and for squaring lines across wide framing lumber, they get a lot of use on a project. As with all precision tools, treat your

traditional fashion. For corner connections between perpendicular walls use the traditional four-stud corner. And for intersecting wall backers, use the three-stud partition backer. (Both corners are described in the sidebar on p. 116.) Preparing the stock While you are laying out the wall plates, other crew members can be preparing the stock needed to frame the walls. All of the stud stock can be crowned and cut to length, if you aren't using precut studs. Though marking the crowns of wall

lengths. To overcome the discrepancy, measure the end studs an equal distance from the straight top plate as close to the bottom plate as possible and make a mark. Measure diagonally from the top plate corners to the marks and rack the wall until it's square. Nail wood blocks to the concrete on the inside corners of the wall's end studs where they meet the bottom plate to keep the wall from drifting. Fasten metal pivot straps every 4 ft. along the bottom plate of the wall to the concrete floor to

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