Point of Retreat: A Novel (Slammed)

Point of Retreat: A Novel (Slammed)

Colleen Hoover

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1476715920

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Hopeless and Losing Hope.

Sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize just how much they belong together.

Colleen Hoover entranced readers everywhere with her bestselling novel Slammed, the book that introduced Layken and Will, a young couple whose love overcame devastating hardships to emerge stronger and more resilient than before. Now, as Layken and Will’s emotion-packed story continues, a stunning and unforeseen revelation about Will’s past leaves them questioning everything that they thought they knew about each other. With the foundation of their relationship at risk, they must decide whether they are willing to fight for a future together, or to retreat back into solitude and heartache.

How far does Will have to go to prove to Layken his love for her will last forever? It will require something truly extraordinary to keep this couple together, and the decisions they make and the answers they find will change not only their lives, but the lives of everyone around them.

“Colleen Hoover's second novel is just as brilliant and entertaining as Slammed. Point of Retreat is absolute poetry.” —Jamie McGuire, author of Beautiful Disaster

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she says. “I’m trying so hard, but I don’t know how to get past this. How do I know this life is what you want? How do you know this is what you want? You need time, Will. We need time to think about it. We have to question everything.” I don’t respond. I can’t. Everything I say comes out wrong. She’s not crying anymore. “I’m going home now. I need you to let me go. Just let me go, okay?” It’s the clear headedness behind her voice and the calm, reasonable expression in her eyes that

ten, minus the last couple of years or so. We kind of grew apart after he left for the army. I still trust him, though, so I tell him everything. The entire story. From the day we met, to her first day at school, to our fight about Vaughn, all the way up to last night. When I finish, he’s on his second bowl of pasta and I haven’t even touched mine. “So,” he says, stirring his pasta around in his bowl. “You think you’re really over Vaughn?” Out of all the things I just told him, that’s

arm around Lake and pull her closer to me and kiss her on the forehead. “You're right, Layken.” I say her entire first name with her same feigned enthusiasm. I know how much it pisses her off. “I did fail to mention a few old friends from my past. I guess this means we'll just have to spend a lot more time together, getting to know every single aspect of each other's lives.” I pinch her chin with my thumb and finger and smile at her as she narrows her eyes at me. “Reece is back? He's

mine. She holds out her finger and her hands are shaking…but so are mine. I slide the ring onto her finger. It's a perfect fit. She wipes my tears away with her free hand and kisses me on the forehead. Her lips come a little too close to mine, so I have to pause what I'm saying and kiss them. She puts her hand on the back of my head and closes her lips over mine as she slides off the couch and into my lap. I lose my balance and we fall back. She doesn't let go of my head, and our lips never

“Until the boys get home.” She slowly kisses her way back up to my neck again. “How long do we have until they get home?” She brings her face back to mine and looks at me. I can see by the look in her eyes that she’s telling me she’s not retreating. I bring my arm over my face and cover my eyes. I try to talk myself down. This isn’t how I want it to be for her. Think about something else, Will. Think about college, homework, puppies in cardboard boxes…anything. She pulls my arm away

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