Penthouse: Naughty by Nature: Female Readers' Sexy Letters to Penthouse

Penthouse: Naughty by Nature: Female Readers' Sexy Letters to Penthouse

The Editors of Penthouse Magazine

Language: English

Pages: 163


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WHAT DO WOMEN WANT? To the age-old question, Penthouse has the answer: Great sex-lots of it-in every variation! Here, in these pages, you'll meet women of all ages and from all walks of life, with one thing in common. They're all open to erotic exploration with its infinite possibilities, whether it's having sex on the job, flaunting their charms in public, delighting in dreams and fantasy, yielding to the allure of the fetish, or finding passion with another female. It's girl talk at its most revealing, fabulously uninhibited and totally uncensored! LACE, LEATHER, AND LUST Do good girls do it? Do they ever! And month after month, women who love making love tell how they take every pleasure and shatter every taboo in their very own letters to Penthouse-America's premier forum for thrill-seekers of all sexes. From the first time to the wildest time, from bedroom bouts to public performances, from torrid threesomes to lesbian liaison, from wedding nights to sinful tryst-men (and sometimes women!) everywhere meet their match in wives, bachelorettes, and the girls next door who shamelessly ride the first tremor of desire to an explosion that rocks their world.

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another round, but that time he suggested we switch partners. That was all right by me. Rick has an incredible physique and a beautiful thatch of amber-colored pubes above his dick. While Tammy and Bill got to know each other better; we went at it. I got on top and slid up and down on Rick’s pole as he moaned in appreciation. I came first, but just as I was finishing, he started coming, and that got me going all over again. When our night of fun was over, we made arrangements to “double date”

pussy begin to moisten. Brenda made it clear that the feeling was mutual, whispering in my ear that she wanted to feel my body next to hers. With that I softly ran my hand up her leg and stared into her eyes. Once inside, we embraced and kissed for the first time—her face was so smooth. Our lips met, and then our tongues discovered each other. It was delightful, and I couldn’t wait for more. We ran to her bedroom, dropping our clothes on the way. By the time we got there, we were wearing only

husband tell my brother-in-law that this neighbor was always giving him a hard-on. My sister’s husband replied that he was a tit man, too. He asked my guy if he had ever gotten a “piece of that,” and my husband said no, but he would like to. He grumbled that I almost never gave him a hard-on anymore. My brother-in-law said that my sister was “getting too settled down” and was always “acting like a wife.” Were we girls surprised and mad! We sneaked out of the house and went for a long ride to talk

intrigued by the recent correspondence advocating one-legged Pets and recounting what great sex objects we are. Actually, it’s a lot less enthralling and more mundane to be without a leg than your correspondents would have us believe, particularly the one who spends her time gliding from one Boston bar to another on her aluminum crutches, picking up men by letting the end of her stump poke out a bit below her skirt. It’s true that some guys are turned on by our dangling modifiers, but they are

terms with it and learns to get by. It gives my husband something to play with—an ironic dividend. Not that that has much to do with us or why he married me. He would have preferred me complete, but neither of us had much choice in the matter. —Mrs. S. F., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Monopede Mania Several weeks ago my roommate was given a copy of Penthouse magazine with readers’ letters entitled Monopede Mania. Since we are both amputees, she called and told me about it. I was able to acquire

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