Pay Day - Negotiating Your True Worth, Not Just a Salary (2nd Edition)

Pay Day - Negotiating Your True Worth, Not Just a Salary (2nd Edition)

Tom Stein, Greg Wood

Language: English

Pages: 35

ISBN: 2:00225786

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Let’s face it, military veterans are not used to negotiating their pay. A table at the Pentagon listing your rank and time in service pretty much sets your paycheck and benefits. In the fourth eBook in TheHireTactics series, Pay Day – Negotiating Your True Worth, Not Just a Salary, you’ll learn how to evaluate whether a job is worth taking and then, if it is, how to negotiate the difference between what you’re offered and your true worth to the organization.

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offer as is and start the job right away. But keep in mind, there’s a strong possibility that you can negotiate a better compensation package, depending on your leverage. I know that negotiating a salary is totally foreign to military personnel. Your salary comes from a table someone in the Pentagon created with who knows what input. Your rank and years in service pretty much determine what your salary and benefits will be. Nothing to negotiate or anyone to negotiate with! As you carefully

items such as base salary, incentive programs, health insurance, retirement plan, minimum vacation, relocation expenses, company car or car allowance, etc. You need to make a list based on your research and expectations. It’s also important that you understand all the additional benefits you’ll receive, as well as company policies and procedures. If these are not included with your written offer, call the HR department and ask for a written explanation of benefits and an employee handbook.

will likely be outside your employer’s control. For example, you cannot count on commissions or bonuses because you do not control the client’s sales decision. And remember, a bonus is not a guarantee. Many companies discontinue or just provide the minimum bonuses during rough times. In addition, the IRS takes about 30 percent of that bonus prior to the physical payout. I’d rather have a bigger paycheck than a possible bonus. You need to determine the absolute minimum base salary required to

approach. Below is a short synopsis of the four individual ebooks available for purchase. Section 1—VETERAN EMPLOYMENT TACTICS—Packaging Yourself for Job Hunting Success The first section in TheHireTacticsTM series introduces military veterans to the tools you need to brand yourself to ensure you, the military veteran, separate yourself from your competition. In this section, you will learn how the job search system really works and how to use your tactical advantage as a military veteran!

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