Night Without Stars

Night Without Stars

Winston Graham

Language: English

Pages: 275


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


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information from them and pass it on to the F.F.I. In fact he was a member of the same resistance group as Jacques. He was arrested just before Jacques and only escaped death by a miracle. He was decorated for his work. He was Jacques’s closest friend.” Chapter 7 I got a letter from Cousin Lewis. DEAR GILES [it ran]. Thanks for yours of the 19th. I saw a Treasury official about your case yesterday, but he was not too hopeful. Permits can only be issued on health grounds if it can be shown

condition of your eyes, but your letter suggests they are not good. It may well be that the constant bright sunshine is bad for them and that a little London fog would rest them and bring about an improvement. But then no doubt you know best how you feel. Mother is keeping well, thank you, and sends her kind wishes. Yours sincerely. L EWIS . The typing was double-spaced, but I had to get Old Larosse to read it to me. I took John and his wife out to a meal. John said: “All the information

said I’d half promised to meet John in Cagnes at one. “You should have brought Mr. Chapel. I like him, even though one feels there’s something retarded about him, as if he’s never quite grown up. Anyway, he can go home without you. A promise has become a convention no one takes seriously these days. I have American cigarettes but not English. Or do you prefer your own?” We talked for a bit, not getting anywhere in particular; and then Bénat broke off almost in mid-stream and said: “ But we

blob.… “ Not to-day, Mr. Gordon. Another twenty-four hours perhaps. It depends what Mr. Coulson says. You’ve only been bandaged two days yet” and so on. Of course I was excited about that, but past experience, and one or two other blind people I’d talked to in those early days, had taught me that the knife can sometimes bring sight back for a few days but can’t keep it. Now and then I still got flashes of light in the other eye, but they didn’t count for anything. Pierre’s flat with the light

He’s not really moving at all.” “Sometimes they swallow the hook differently.” “Do they?” She bent and touched the fish gingerly with one finger. “Why, he’s nearly stiff!” “What?” I leaned over from the tiller. “No, it’s only the same as mine.” “Yes, but yours have been in the basket for five or ten minutes.…” She stopped and looked up at me accusingly. “ It is one of yours!” We passed close by the quarrelling seagulls but she paid no attention to them. She crouched on her heels, looking up

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