Ashley Suzanne

Language: English

Pages: 290

ISBN: 1492259667

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A book of first loves, grieving loss and moving forward.  Sweet and sexy with a twist that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

Mira and Kylee meet Danny and Skylar during freshman orientation, their first week of college. Two sets of best friends embark on a new adventure together, forming life long bonds. Mira and Danny are looking forward to their future as husband and wife. Everything was going according to plan. That was until tragedy struck them on graduation night leaving three broken people to pick up the pieces. Skylar has always stood in the background, watching his best friend begin a life with the woman he fell in love with until he can no longer keep a distance. Right when Mira thinks her life is back on track it spirals out of control. What if everything you thought you knew was nothing more than a mirage?

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apartment. I had to go to the university a couple weeks later for an alumni breakfast. I promised an old professor that I would attend and speak to the incoming freshman during orientation about the hazards of drunk driving. That’s where I met Paige. She reminded me so much of myself. I immediately started a conversation with her and found out that she was going to live on campus and would need a part time job. The real estate firm was in need of a part time receptionist. The rest is history.

it on, huh?” he said, raising his eyebrows up and down suggestively. “Oh my God, Sky, really? Just sit here, look pretty and rub my feet. Please and thank you.” “Oh sweets, you’re lucky I like you. If you ever repeat this, I swear, I’ll come for you,” Skylar said as he grabbed one of my feet and started to rub. Danny got up to put the movie in and grab the remote, leaving Skylar and me on the couch alone for just a few moments. I smiled and winked at him and he blew me a kiss. This was just

me what you remember?” Taking a deep breath I start to talk, but my brain feels clouded and I’m not sure if I can form a coherent thought, but I try anyway. I need to understand what happened between going to bed and waking up in a hospital room. “I remember Kylee leaving to go back to Grand Rapids to get her stuff,” I say slowly. My head is so jumbled it feels like I have lost a whole period of time. “Then we were lying on the couch watching a movie,” I say. Skylar is staring at me, with a

releases me from the hug and moves back to the spot he initially sat in at the foot of my bed, watching me intently. Watching me almost as if he’s waiting for me to break down and freak out. “NO! HE. IS. DEAD,” I yell, “He left us. We grieved and we moved on.” “You must have dreamed it Mira, because I promise you he’s very much alive. He’ll be back with coffee. Watch that door, Mira. He’s going to walk in any minute.” “It wasn’t a dream. It was real. You and me, Skylar. We are real and we

have been best friends for ages. You have been my rock during the past few months and I am eternally grateful to you for that. But now, it’s your time. You’re moving out, I’ll help you pack. Grand Rapids or bust,” I say to my friend. I am elated for my friend. She busted her ass through college, only to be constantly overlooked. This is her time to shine and I’ll be damned if I let her stay because I might be lonely when she leaves. Kylee runs over to me and plops on the couch next to me. Her

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