Microsoft Project 2010

Microsoft Project 2010

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The Microsoft Official Academic Courseware (MOAC) Office 2010 Series is the only Official Academic Course Material. The new and enhanced MOAC/ Microsoft Office 2010 Project features Enhanced Wiley Desktop Editions as well as many other enhanced features designed to re-enforce workforce skills. The addition of animated tutorials in the Enhanced Wiley Desktop Editions and WileyPLUS courses, textbooks include additional materials on different skill levels to help users keep pace. WileyPLUS and an automatic Office assignment grader provides immediate feedback on every assignment, to help users practice and hone skills at their own pace.

MOAC/ Microsoft Office 2010 Project is built from the ground-up around the MOS® certification objectives- making it a great way to learn all the workforce-oriented tasks required for certification. The Test Bank now offers greater flexibility and provides more than 75 questions and 3 projects per lesson, as well as automated grading via OfficeGrader. Furthermore, the latest edition's use of color in screen captures allows users to follow on screen much easier, as screen captures will look the exact same as the application. Additional projects throughout the book helps  users comprehend how a task is applied on the job. OfficeGrader functionality added to WileyPLUS provides immediate feedback on all homework, assignments, and projects and additional animated tutorials on key Office tasks provides additional help on difficult topics.

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the small white X in the upper-right corner of your screen. Click No when prompted to save the file. PAUSE. LEAVE Microsoft Project open for the next exercise. In the preceding exercise, you opened a project schedule from a template in Microsoft Project. Recall that a project schedule is a model of a real project, including the associated tasks, resources, time frames, and costs. You don’t need a template to create a new project schedule, however. As shown in the following exercise, you can also

listed). (This is a partial list of tasks in the project plan. Additional data will be available in future exercises.) Circling Back 1 | 107 TASK NAME RFP Solicitation Process RFP Solicitation Process Begins RFP Creation RFP creation begins Document software requirements Define evaluation criteria Identify evaluation team Draft RFP Review RFP with management and commercial lending representatives Refine RFP RFP ready to release RFP Release RFP release begins Identify software suppliers

showing resource initials to be listed at the right of all task bars 7. Click OK to close the Bar Styles dialog box. Microsoft Project applies the formatting changes you made to the Gantt chart. 8. Select the name of task 26, Pre-production complete. Press Ctrl + Shift + F5. This is the keyboard shortcut for Scroll to Task. Microsoft Project scrolls the Gantt chart bar view to task 26, where you can see the reformatted milestone and resource initials. Your screen should look similar to Figure

the column. Selecting Field Settings will display the Field Settings dialog box. In the dialog box, click the Best Fit button to automatically adjust the column width. 6. Click the View tab. In the Task Views group, click the downward arrow under the Gantt Chart button, then select Save View. The Save View dialog box appears with View 1 as the default name, as in Figure 8-7. Figure 8-7 Save View dialog box 154 | Lesson 8 7. In the Name Field, key My Custom Gantt Chart, then click OK. The Save

the projects in the book are available online from our Instructor’s Book Companion site ( • The Test Bank contains hundreds of questions organized by lesson in multiple-choice, true-false, short answer, and essay formats and is available to download from the Instructor’s Book Companion site ( A complete answer key is provided. This title’s test bank is available for use in Respondus’ easy-to-use software. You can download the test

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