Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service (Knock Your Socks Off Series)

Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service (Knock Your Socks Off Series)

Chip R. Bell

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0814432042

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In our increasingly connected world, customer service can make or break a business. Companies that excel keep customers coming back—and those who don’t soon discover that word spreads fast. The difference is in how managers train, coach, and support frontline employees. Extensively revised with today’s empowered, web-savvy consumer in mind, Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service shows managers and supervisors how to:

• Find and retain service-oriented people

• Understand customer needs, expectations and desires

• Build a service vision

• Design a user-friendly service delivery process

• Involve and inspire employees

• Recognize and reward good performance

The third edition features new chapters on: learning from lost customers; inciting passion and incentivizing service; fostering trust; and delivering great customer experiences online. In short, everything readers need to ensure their frontline employees become their company’s biggest asset.

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measurable, and perceived as ambitious but achievable by service staff, standards become a powerful means of communicating performance expectations. Service standards also help create a consistent experience that builds all-important customer trust. Whether promising package delivery “absolutely, positively” overnight, guaranteeing credit decisions on home mortgage applications within a week, or guaranteeing responses to customer phone calls within two hours, regularly living up to the “service

many of the features of the village of yesteryear. In a small town, merchants knew you and catered to your specific needs. They acted on history and patterns of previous purchases. They’d even open the store after hours if you needed something. Over the last fifty years, commerce has become distant, impersonal, and one size fits all as the service covenant has altered. The Internet in general and social media in particular have helped connect customers with businesses in ways that are more

organization stands for and how they should tailor their behavior to best support that mission. Partner the new employee with someone from outside his or her work group to show them the ropes beyond their unit and act as a “big brother or sister” for a few weeks. Tribe. Borrowing from a Native American tradition that gave young braves a special task or challenge to mark their readiness to join the tribe, identify an assignment or project that a new hire can perform that has special meaning and

organizational necessity nor a statistical requirement. The leadership antidote to passion-free mediocrity may not be to change employees or telegraph your displeasure or even “crack the whip.” Your employees may simply need to be inspired. And, one of the key roles of a leader is to provide inspiration—to be a fire starter, igniting passion and commitment. Let’s revisit the taxi driver. We have discovered that passengers can inspire drivers to give consistently great customer service. It works

focusing your energy on things that say “quality service” to your customers—internal and external—are critical parts of your leadership role. You, through your day-to-day example and leadership, set the tone and lead the way. If you are serious about product quality and customer service, and you’re not spending 35 percent of your time on it (by gross calendar analysis), then you are not serious about it. —Tom Peters Management guru 28 Great Service Leaders Foster Trust The best way

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