Lost Between Houses

Lost Between Houses

David Gilmour

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0679310290

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lost Between Houses is about a turbulent year in the life of Simon Albright, a fifteen-year-old private school boy struggling to be his sophisticated mother's best friend, the rebel his girlfriend adores and the son his father respects. Which is a hard act to pull off when your mother is distracted, your girlfriend too beautiful and your father in and out of a mental institution. Lost Between Houses unfolds with mingled sarcasm, grief and awe, and grips the reader until its startling climax.

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fish.” “You figure?” “Yeah,” I said. “I used to have that about catching sunfish off the dock. I’d stay down there all day, catching the same fish over and over and over. Eventually I began to recognize his face.” He pulled back on the rod and the line rose from the water, silver drops falling away. “What do you suppose’d happen if I actually caught something?” he said. “You’d probably have a heart attack.” I wondered if that was a great thing to say to somebody who’d just been in a clinic

I’ve done something to provoke it. Been too mouthy or something. And I’m usually right. Anyway, it’s stupid but I sort of wanted to go back to Scarlet’s place, go in, be funny, say something really clever, get everybody to like me, including her father, and then split. That way I could enjoy the evening. But it was too late, we had to go to the fucking movie. We went to the Imperial down near Dundas Street. It was this grand old place with red plush seats and a high domed ceiling. There were

cold about this?” I said. “I’m not. I just feel bad for Mitch.” “He’ll keep.” “I just don’t know anything more to say.” “Well, that’s great. After what, two months?” “I told you. I guess I’m just not over Mitch.” “Yeah, well maybe you should have …,” I stopped myself. I suddenly realized it didn’t matter what I said. It wasn’t a school debate, you can’t talk somebody into liking you. “I’m going,” I said. “All right,” she said. “Fine. So you’re going up with Mitch?” “No, Mitch is going

they were laughing about this stunt, me getting caught in the girls’ dormitory. It was like they had to act as if I’d done something really bad, you know, for my benefit, but between themselves, they must have figured it was just a fucking prank. I mean there’s shit to get caught for and shit to get caught for. And stealing stuff or punching some kid in the mouth, that’s another league. Even an asshole like Psycho must have known the difference. Anyway I didn’t spend a lot of time philosophizing

leaning against him. He rested his hand on my shoulder and I remember his shirt smelled of pipe tobacco and I found the smell comforting, like I was safe and being looked after. “Dad?” I said. “Dad?” His eyes opened and he got up, a strand of hair sticking straight up. He looked worn out. “You’re here.” “Yes,” I said, “I’m here.” “Did you take a taxi?” “Yes.” “I’m surprised he came down the driveway.” “I asked him to let me off up top.” “Very sensible.” I could see he was a little

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