Location Filming in Los Angeles (Images of America)

Location Filming in Los Angeles (Images of America)

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Los Angeles has reigned for more than a century as the world capital of the film industry, a unique and ever-changing city that has been molded and recast thousands of times through the artistic visions and cinematic dreams of Hollywood's elite. As early as 1907, filmmakers migrated west to avoid lengthy eastern winters. In Los Angeles, they discovered an ideal world of abundant and diverse locales blessed with a mild and sunny climate ideal for filming. Location Filming in Los Angeles provides a historic view of the diversity of locations that provided the backdrop for Hollywood's greatest films, from the silent era to the modern age.

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DeMille, Pathé, RKO/Pathé, Selznick, and Hal Roach. Many of the same buildings exist to this day on Main Street and are still being used by film companies as a backdrop. CULVER CITY, 1932. Laurel and Hardy and crew prepare for a scene in front of Culver City Hall (9770 Culver Boulevard), used as a key location in two of their films. It first doubled as a hospital for the film Country Hospital in 1932 and served as the Hall of Justice in Going Bye-Bye in 1934. CULVER HOTEL, 1927. Laurel and

Warner Bros. Studios. By 1929, Mack Sennett left Edendale and moved to the valley on a site that became Republic Pictures, and later CBS Studio Center. Ten years later, Walt Disney left his studio on Hyperion Avenue in Silver Lake and moved to Burbank. In the late 1940s, the postwar boom drew families to the valley. Its suburban streets were able to stand in for any neighborhood in America. One example was the Brady Bunch house, which still stands on Dilling Street in Studio City. Many of the

1920s, it has been a popular location for movies like Clueless, Pat and Mike, and Horse Feathers. Los ANGELES COUNTY ARBORETUM—ARCADIA, 1948. The arboretum’s lagoon is the center of action with John Wayne in Wake of the Red Witch. The arboretum’s 1880s Queen Anne cottage has played a remote hideaway in Objective Burma, television’s Fantasy Island, and Meet the Fockers. It is located at 301 North Baldwin Avenue in Arcadia, California. HOLLENBECK PARK—BOYLE HEIGHTS, 1929. Laurel and Hardy stand

coast in Old Ironsides, where an American warship battles Barbary Pirates in the 18th century. The film starred Charles Farrell and Esther Ralston and used the Chinese junk Ning-Po (today one can see parts of the wreck at Ballast Point at extreme low tide) and other actual ships in and around the island. CATALINA ISLAND, 1938. Cecil B. DeMille recreated the War of 1812 on Catalina Island for The Buccaneer (Paramount), starring Fredric March. Here is the re-creation of the Barataria settlement at

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