Living Vegan For Dummies

Living Vegan For Dummies

Alexandra Jamieson

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0470522143

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The fun and easy way® to live a vegan lifestyle

Are you thinking about becoming a vegan? Already a practicing vegan? More than 3 million Americans currently live a vegan lifestyle, and that number is growing. Living Vegan For Dummies is your one-stop resource for understanding vegan practices, sharing them with your friends and loved ones, and maintaining a vegan way of life.

This friendly, practical guide explains the types of products that vegans abstain from eating and consuming, and provides healthy and animal-free options. You'll see how to create a balanced, nutritious vegan diet; read food and product labels to determine animal-derived product content; and stock a vegan pantry. You'll also get 40 great-tasting recipes to expand your cooking repertoire.

  • Features expert guidance in living a vegan lifestyle and explaining it to friends and family
  • Includes proper dietary guidelines so you can get the nutrition you need
  • Gives you several action plans for making the switch to veganism
  • Provides parents with everything they need to understand and support their children's choices

With the tips and advice in Living Vegan For Dummies, you can truly live and enjoy a vegan way of life!

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rather choose a fresh whole food, try mashed organic natural foods for the first forays into eating. Ripe, mashed avocado or bananas are easy on the digestive system for most kids. Natural, unsweetened applesauce, mashed sweet potatoes, or ground whole grains like millet are other options. You may prefer serving mashed vegetables first to encourage your babe to develop a taste for healthy veggies before being exposed to sweeter fruits. Buying baby food in jars or frozen containers is an option,

butter and jelly sandwiches (try ’em grilled, too!) Rice and beans with a side of salsa and guacamole Romaine lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes Sautéed seitan with mashed potatoes Spaghetti with tomato sauce (mix in some cooked lentils for extra protein) Spinach lasagna Vegetable stew Veggie pizzas with vegan cheese and shredded zucchini Waffles with fresh or frozen berries Excitotoxins in your meals and snacks Important foods to avoid are those that

have actually reversed their serious health conditions — including cancers, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity — by adopting a vegan diet along with increased exercise. Top government and healthcare organizations, such as the American Dietetic Association, have declared that a vegan diet can be perfectly healthy for every stage of life including pregnancy, infancy, childhood, and adulthood. The competitive sports world even contains many professional vegan athletes. Pro football

Whole-grain pastas in various shapes and flavors Whole-grain baking and pancake mixes Cornmeal polenta that’s premade, dry in a box, or in bulk Frozen whole-grain pancakes, waffles, premade pizza crusts, vegan tortellini, and ravioli in various flavors Breads (sliced or fresh, locally made whole-grain loaves), pita bread, tortillas, English muffins, bagels, and rolls Whole-grain breakfast cereals and hot porridges Luscious legumes Filling, cheap, nutritious, and

state, and the numbers are growing every year. Most of the markets offer a variety of fruits and vegetables, ethnic prepared dishes, vegan baked goods and condiments, and sometimes soy products. Farmer’s markets can be indoors or outdoors, and they offer a wonderful opportunity to connect to your food on a deeper level. Talking to the farmer who grew your fresh, local produce, for example, can be a profound experience that makes every bite taste a little better. Plus 100 percent of your

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