Innovations in Intelligent Machines, Volume 3: Contemporary Achievements in Intelligent Systems (Studies in Computational Intelligence, Volume 442)

Innovations in Intelligent Machines, Volume 3: Contemporary Achievements in Intelligent Systems (Studies in Computational Intelligence, Volume 442)

Language: English

Pages: 161

ISBN: 2:00351522

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book aims to promote a sample of current theoretical and application oriented intelligent systems research specifically in the field of neural networks computing. It presents examples of experimental and real-world investigations that demonstrate contemporary achievements and advances in the area of intelligent systems.

This book will prove as a valuable source of up-to-date theoretical and application oriented research in intelligent systems for researchers and postgraduate students.

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trainers. The instructions given to the subjects were as follows:   The purpose of this task is to make the agent learn to keep the balance of the inverted pendulum. Give a “positive” or “negative” evaluation if you think that the agent did or didn't do an action that brings it closer to achieving this task. The initial reward function, denoted r θ at Eq.8, is given as: 1 0 | | (18) This reward function allows the agent to obtain the reward only at the target state. Moreover, it is

اﯼ‬i ) " and that is Table 1. The input vowel and number of vowel recognitions when longitudinal parameters are used Input ‫َا‬ (a) (e) ‫ِا‬ (o) ‫ُا‬ ( â) ‫ﺁ‬ (i) ‫اﯼ‬ ‫او‬ (u) (a) ‫َا‬ 70 2 1 22 0 5 (e) ‫ِا‬ 2 61 27 0 1 9 (o) ‫ُا‬ 3 5 72 2 0 18 ( â) ‫ﺁ‬ 0 0 25 70 0 5 (i) ‫اﯼ‬ 0 4 30 0 65 1 (u) ‫او‬ 3 0 13 4 0 80 Vowel Recognition 66 M.M. Hosseini and A.A. Gharahbagh because of least visual changes. Sadeghi [14] has done similar work for

ambient temperature, while the duration of the spikes gets minor in contrast with the number of them ( three spikes for the case at T=9°C and seven for T=21°C). In particular, as a particular exemplification case in Fig 5c) we have chosen to show when the temperature assumes a particular value of 18.5°C. In this case the membrane response results in a sequence of six APs, shorter than the two observed at lower temperature reported in Figure 4d). In particular we also check the temperature effects

classification environment problem for different types of drinking waters [15]. Listeria monocytogenes is a bi-class problem in predictive microbiology [16]. All nominal variables have been converted to binary ones. Also, the missing values have been replaced in the case of nominal variables by the mode or, when concerning continuous variables, by the mean, considering the full data set. The experimental design uses the cross validation technique called stratified hold-out that consists of

ANNs 147 classes, inputs, instances,…). Other times the values are based on previous works [4, 18]. EDDSig and TSEASig values are in concordance to compare the performance of both methodologies. Sometimes, the values differ between methodologies. The initial tests with sigmoidal units for Balance dataset sheds light on that a high number of neurons provokes overfitting. 4.3 Nonparametric Statistical Analysis We follow the recommendations pointed out by J. Demšar [19] to perform nonparametric

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