If Today Be Sweet

If Today Be Sweet

Thrity Umrigar

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0061240249

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The recent death of her beloved husband, Rustom, has taken its toll on Tehmina Sethna. Now, while visiting her son, Sorab, in his suburban Ohio home, she is being asked to choose between continuing her old life in India and starting a new one in this unfamiliar country with her son, his American wife, and their child. Her destiny is uncertain, and soon the plight of two troubled young children next door will force the most difficult decision she has ever faced. Ultimately the journey is one that Tehmina must travel alone.

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Krishna squinted at them and in the evening light there was a strange, ecstatic look on his face. A bellow emitted from deep within Rustom. “Listen, you traitorous bastard,” he roared. “You tell your goonda friends that if they have the balls, to come and talk to me directly. I’ll break their scrawny necks with my bare hands, I will. Saala, chootia, everybody’s a hero under the cover of the night. But if their pricks still work, tell them to try talking to me in broad daylight. Then we’ll see

stopped walking. Susan motioned to an empty table at the edge of the food court and sat down. For a second, Sorab hesitated, caught between not wanting to leave his mother alone much longer but also enjoying this rare opportunity to talk to Susan alone. He sat down. “So, anyway. For years and years I felt like a man divided. And try as I might, I couldn’t bridge the damn distance. And it wasn’t all bad, I’m not saying that. In fact, you know, I think this hunger that I had earlier on, this drive

who slept in each morning. “My Solomon woke me up after he saw the newspaper. I nearly fell off my bed when I saw your mug in the newspaper.” Eva’s voice sounded breathless, as if she had been vacuuming the house all morning. “Oh, Tehmina, I’m so proud of you, I could burst. Doesn’t surprise me at all, what you did. Those poor children. Though why’d you have to go leaping over fences, honey? Could’ve fallen and broken your neck, you could. But let me tell you, I could’ve dropped dead myself when

for a few minutes and then broke down. “Ah, to hell with this. What’s dessert without some chocolate?” He came back with a big bar of Lindt hazelnut chocolate. Heather rolled her eyes. When it was time to leave, Joe signaled to Sorab to accompany him to the next room. “Come help me with the coats, would you?” They were gone for almost ten minutes. Tehmina could hear an occasional murmur from the library, but both men were speaking too softly for her to catch anything they were saying. She

December.” “In India, when I was a schoolgirl, we used to long to experience a real white Christmas.” Tehmina smiled. “You know, we’d see Christmas cards with lights and trees and snow. None of us had ever seen snow. We even put up a small tree at my school each year. But you know what we’d use to imitate snow? Cotton wool.” Eva snorted. “Yah, even here you have young Jewish kids running around wanting to be Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. Brainwashing is what it is, if you ask me.” Eva sighed.

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