Hydroponic Heroin: How to Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil

Hydroponic Heroin: How to Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil

Robert Neil Bunch

Language: English

Pages: 53

ISBN: 1559501782

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Researched and written by the same brilliant author responsible for 'Invisible Marijuana and Mushroom Gardens', 'Hydroponic Heroin' details a thorough schematic that even a drug-free blackthumb can successfully utilise.
Although the briefest of histories regarding opium and its respective derivatives opens up this manual, all the other aspects are fleshed out so as to include nearly any and all information needed to carry out such an endeavour. The risks of addiction, the indescribable pain pain of kicking the habit, how to obtain without problems the materials required, how to sprout the seeds and care for the plants, how to secure the growing room from the prying eyes and pesky praetorians (the latter of which are perpetually pursuing avenues that offer easy targets by which they justify their measly "careers"), rules and repercussions regarding the risk of possession, dosages, overdose antidotes and so forth.

This is a well written book with lots of interesting information about growing poppies and home lab drug manufacture in general. What I found amusing is how the author so glibly advocated "stealing" all your supplies. In fact, there was an area of discussion about making poppyseed tea where the author instructs the reader to consider stealing the poppyseeds from the grocery store since otherwise it will cost $35-50!! I got a few laughs, learned quite a bit, and got my money's worth on this out of print book for which I paid $150.00. I certainly don't intend to manufacture heroin, but it was an informative and well written book. It sure took alot of courage to go to press with a book like this.

Learn how to easily make your own heroin, morphine, laudanum, and other opium narcotics with this thin-yet-packed illegal recipe book. I made a batch of opium seed tea the first night I read the book! I wigged hard! Thanx Robert Neil Bunch!

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small gardenis harvested;the theoreticalyield of morphineis aroundl0%oof' the weightof the raw latex. Add 1G'30gams opium latex (dry) to a liter of demineralizedwater (availablein grocery storeson the bottled water aisle) and slowly raise the terryerature (approximately l70o-190'F) while stirring,until the latex conpletely dissolves.Removefrom heat and add enough lime fertilizer (calciumchloride)so that the plants' organic This milky top layer of the matterfalls out of suspension.

them to dry overnight.The crptals shouldbe chop@ fine and are usableat this point. Snortingwould be the preferable administrationroute here, as inexperiencedcooks could fuck somebodyup if impurities remain and tbey get inirted. On the other hand,if the gardeneris a chemist,the fluS crystals can be dissolved in distilled water and banged.Keepin mindthat most usersconplain that intravenousinjection of morphineHCI causesunpleasanttingling sensations.See Dosage Chart (CtrapterEight) for

The reason that heroin and other opiates are not as commonly eaten for recreation is that the liver destroys the majority of the active ingredients. This calls for the opiateeater to consunre much larger amounts to surpassthis ob stacle. Below is a chart that shows the marked increasein dosage for eaters to equal 200 mg of orally ingested codeine. O4aLlt"ga;w* Ophte Chapter Eight Dosages, Addiction, Potential Dangers TaI'L Oral llosags In mg Lwophanol(Dlomoran) 4 Hyrhornrphon (DihrldiQ 7.5

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mush,roomswould be a better deal should you get caught. To give you an idea of how serious the punishnrentsare for Papaver somniferum propagation, take a look at some of the punishmentswhen caught in North America. This is what the Canadian Pharmacy I-egislation has to say about getting caught with the "dreaded poppy" (this applies only to the somniferum species): R.S.,c. N-1, s. 5. 6.(1) Cultivation of opium poppy or marihuana.- No person shall cultivate opium poppy or nurihuana except under the

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