Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Barbara Olson

Language: English

Pages: 360

ISBN: 0895261979

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In Accomplice , Olson separates fact from fiction and shows us Hilllary's often disturbing complicity in her husband's affairs.

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Wilson, Edith Wilson, William R. Wilson, Woodrow Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation Wofford, Harris Wogaman, J. Philip Wolfe, Tom Women, Infants and Children Wood, Kimba Woodward, Bob World Bank World War II Worldwide Travel Worthen Bank The Wrath of Khan Wright, Betsey: Bill Clinton’s 1988 presidential hopes and; Bill Clinton’s Arkansas governorship and; Bill Clinton’s campaign to retake governorship and; “bimbo-eruption” and; Clintons’ White House makeover and; Hillary’s money

appalling and pathetic Saturday-night Bill. And Hillary shined more brightly than she ever had in her life. During the 1998 elections, the president’s appearance before Democratic crowds in New York evoked polite applause. But when she was introduced, the faithful erupted in cheers. As she basked in the radiating warmth of adoring crowds, it seemed as if the time had finally come to strike out on her own. Hillary found receptive audiences—and presidential-level press coverage—when she visited

of course, this being Arkansas, many wealthy friends and contributors in Little Rock or Springdale could buy into the property, whether they intended to retire there or not. Having Bill Clinton’s name on the deal was a great way to secure the loan for such a bold investment, and a good way to attract customers. But the devil jumped into the details. Interest rates soared to their highest level since the Civil War. Money was tight during the last Carter years, and southern land values plummeted

Bill Clinton to escape his fate, Houdini like, again and again. She has come through. Now it was time to collect. The gangly student activist wanted to become the co-president of the United States. It was only the beginning for Hillary Rodham Clinton. EIGHT THE BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL “Effective organization is thwarted by the desire for instant and dramatic change, or as I have phrased it elsewhere, the demand for revelation rather than revolution.” —SAUL ALINSKY, RULES FOR RADICALS

protect her from embarrassment. Some time later, White House lawyer Jack Quinn even tried to rewrite the factual record, deleting words in the titles of memos, changing “HRC’s Travel Office Chronology” to “Chronological Analysis of Travel Office Events.” “HRC Role” became “Draft chart analysis and comparison of various Travel Office investigations.” The removal of the first lady’s initials from White House memos, said Chairman William Clinger, brought “a scent of obstruction of justice… [to the]

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