Haunted North Alabama:: The Phantoms of the South (Haunted America)

Haunted North Alabama:: The Phantoms of the South (Haunted America)

Jessica Penot

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1596299908

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Nestled in the scenic foothills of southern Appalachia, in the center of the Tennessee Valley, North Alabama is known for its natural beauty. Peppered with antebellum mansions and historic homesteads, it is a region rich in history, brimming with a unique cultural heritage. Yet amidst the beauty of these rolling hills and historic features, something dark lurks below the surface. The haunted spirits of the past run as wild as the Tennessee River through North Alabama. Join author and Huntsville resident Jessica Penot on a terrifying trip through the chilling destinations of a region teeming with ghostly activity. From Florence to Huntsville to Albertville and points in between, Haunted North Alabama offers a broad survey of the history of haunted destinations in the upper regions of Alabama. Packed with over twenty haunted locales, Haunted North Alabama is required reading for anyone interested in learning about the history of the phantom spirits that call the heart of Dixie home.

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that followed. The young woman grew to hate the life growing within her, and when the baby was born she tossed it into the water by Crybaby Hollow. The baby died, but its ghost remains. One final version of this story is the most disturbing and the most recent. According to another source I spoke with, a murderer tormented the Hartselle area in the 1940s. He killed a pregnant woman and a little boy. He threw the baby boy and the woman into the creek by Crybaby Hollow. Both apparitions still

OF ATHENS STATE UNIVERSITY Athens State University is a small school. It isn’t well known, even in Alabama. It is hidden in the far north of the state in the small town of Athens. It is overshadowed by the many larger, more prestigious schools in Alabama. The campus, like the university, is small and understated. It is lined with old oaks that tower over the buildings around them, and you can almost drive right past the little university. Once you find the campus, you will be pleasantly

They have born witness to Alabama’s sprawling history and have carried its ghosts in their drooping walls. Founders Hall is the most prominent and oldest building on campus. It was constructed in 1822, and consistent with the religious theme of the building, the four columns in front of the building were named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. According to tradition, this beautiful building barely survived the Civil War; Union troops planned to burn the building to the ground. The headmistress,

and would forget things that mattered to her, like birthdays and anniversaries. He didn’t understand her sorrow and was at a loss about how to help her adapt. He was not the doting romantic she had expected from his letters. Additionally, his past was disturbing to her. He didn’t pay as much attention as she thought he should to his son in France, and his stepchildren in America took all his financial resources without offering any love or appreciation in return. In fact, once they were grown and

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