Handyman [AU] (November 2013)

Handyman [AU] (November 2013)

Language: English

Pages: 140

ISBN: 2:00242403

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Every issue of this magazine is packed full of step-by-step projects that turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Australian Handyman gives you great tips on how to improve both your outdoor and indoor area, it informs you about trends and projects that will beautify your home, save you money and at the same time give your home that unique feel of being Your Home.

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enough storage is the key to making them work, preventing them from becoming cluttered or stark. For overall harmony, keep the fooring consistent and the wall treatments simple and neutral. Use furnishings to inject colour and personality to the home but be selective. Too much contrast and too many small pieces in an open-plan area can look and feel chaotic. Clever Cube Handy storage 2 x 4 UnEt, $89. handy-storage.com.au A tactic interior designers use is to think big. Large items of furniture,

a 2.7m extension pole, powerful two-stroke engine and 150mm cutting capacity. Ryobi 25cc Two-stroke PoWe PruVer, $299. ryobi.com.au MulCHERS Simple to use, with a 35mm input capacity and overload protection, this unit has reversible blades and weighs 13kg, so it’s easily portable. With a feed capacity of 42mm and a 53L collection box, this is a powerful shredder. The hopper is removable to easily deal with blockages. This petrol model cuts branches up to 50mm in diameter and has nine fail

an even paint job again. Uni-Pro Trigger Grip, about $4, upgrades a spray can into a spray gun for greater control. The lightweight, moulded plastic handle also gives you better grip, so that when you’ve Pnished, you won’t be left splattered with paint. 14 NOVEMbEr 2013 Australian Handyman Scrape, seal, fll and prep walls and windowsills for painting with these multipurpose tools Tackle crumbling grout or old sealant with the Painter’s Partner 4 Piece Silicone Tool Kit, $2. There’s a tool

sKill> 1 2 3 4 5 timE> 2 dAYs G arden dining settings and deck chairs have their place, but nothing tempts you outside like the prospect of a peaceful afternoon curled up on a supremely comfy, well-built day bed. This simple project might be the most luxurious outdoor furniture you will ever own. It is built from primed H3 LOSP (light organic solvent preservative) Tnger-jointed pine, and is designed to Tt a single mattress. The timber is weatherproof but the mattress needs to be stored

BaCk TOp raIl measurements in mm SIde TOp raIl 1900 CenTre UprIghT TrImmerS SIde lOwer raIlS BaCk lOwer raIlS 400 762 SlaTS 42 716 42 UprIghT BaCk BaSeplaTe BISCUITS SlaT SUppOrT 2080 1040 SlaT SUppOrT SIde BaSeplaTe FrOnT BaSeplaTe BaCk BaSe raIl 1942 CenTre raIl SIde BaSe raIl FrOnT BaSe raIl 902 Cutting list 20 PArt siZe H3 lOsP Pine Front and back base rails Side base rails Centre rail Outer legs Inner legs BaseSlate front anI bacO BaseSlate siIes USrights Centre

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