Goof-Proof Resumes & Cover Letters

Goof-Proof Resumes & Cover Letters

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In today's tough job market, the perfect resume and cover letter are a must for every job seeker. Learn the appropriate formats; find out how to best express skills, experience, and education; and gain valuable advice and tips on everything from electronic submission to proper punctuation and style with the Groof-Proof method: brief, manageable, easy-to-understand lessons, rules, and practice!

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oversee preparation of media research, plans, buys, and posts; participate in presentations to new and existing clients; foster growth and development; and inspire and motivate existing staff in media department. Requirements include: • solid experience in media planning and buying • ability to communicate and work in tandem with multiple account teams within the company • ability to juggle priorities in order to meet deadlines Sample action phrases to use when describing employment experience,

upcoming sections, you will get a good feel for what you should include in your cover letter. But there may be some topics that you are not sure about, mostly personal information. Should you mention your love of mountain biking? What about your dedication to your religion? In your cover letter, it is important to know what topics you should avoid. These include: • your age, race, religion, health, including any physical/mental disabilities • your hobbies • your social security number •

the time to find out. Call the recipient’s office and ask for his or her full name and title, if possible. While you are on the line, confirm the correct spelling of both the recipient’s name and the company’s name. Repeat the information back to the person you are speaking to, so that you know you are correct. Spelling someone’s name incorrectly is unprofessional and insulting, and could land your resume in the trash bin, even if you are a qualified candidate. If you are not 100% sure of your

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Employment Primary Responsibility Accomplishment Accomplishment Accomplishment Accomplishment Previous position: Name of Company City, State Position Held Dates of Employment Primary Responsibility Accomplishment Accomplishment Accomplishment Accomplishment 41 42 g o o f - p ro o f R E S U M E S & C OV E R L E T T E R S RULE #12: Educational Experience Your educational experience should be listed starting with the most recent degree(s) or certificate(s) you have earned (or will earn). This

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