Futures Made Simple

Futures Made Simple

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0730376834

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The essential guide to trading futures, without all the fuss

This uncomplicated guide for beginners proves that you don't have to be a financial wizard to successfully trade futures . . . and you don't have to hire a financial advisor to tell you what to do either. Instead, Futures Made Simple outlines the basic strategies that even novice investors can use to make money with futures. The book lays just what you need to know—what futures are, how the exchanges work, how to analyse the markets, and how to trade futures either on- or offline.

  • An excellent entry-level guide to futures trading
  • Written by a successful trader with almost two decades of experience in equities, futures, options, and other vehicles
  • Features easy-to-understand examples and bulleted summaries of key points to make learning simple

For investors at any level of experience who want to move into futures trading, Futures Made Simple offers expert advice and fundamental guidance for profitable investing.

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kel@tradingwisdom.com.au. When he’s not trading, Kel enjoys snowboarding, mountain-bike riding and surfing. He lives on the NSW Central Coast with his wife Cate and his two sons Jesse and Ollie. Acknowledgements My thanks as always go to the staff at Wrightbooks for all their help and support in getting this book from concept to print. I would also like to thank Glen Larson and staff at Genesis Financial Technologies for the use of the Trade Navigator software program and for most

(215 ticks x $10.00 per tick = $2150.00). 115.125 (sell price) - 109.750 (buy price) = 5.375 cents per pound x $400.00 per 1 cent = $2150.00 Contract specifications Full contract specifications for the CME-traded live cattle futures contract are shown in figure 8.4. Figure 8.4: CME live cattle futures contract specifications Source: CME Group Inc. Trading hours Live cattle futures are traded both electronically on the CME Globex platform and by traditional open

political events, OPEC statements, and increases or decreases in the supply of crude oil. • While in the past demand for heating oil was relatively inelastic (buyers’ responsiveness to changes in price was small), demand for heating oil now tends to be more elastic and to follow the price of crude oil much more closely. This can be attributed to the higher price of crude oil and hence for products such as heating oil that are derived from it. • There is typically a build-up of heating

of the market capitalisation of all publicly listed companies in the US. The index is widely used by traders and investors the world over as a general indicator of stock prices in the US and the general outlook of US business sentiment and economic conditions. Tip The S&P 500 is a much better barometer of the condition of the US equity market than the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), which is an index of only 30 of the largest US stocks. Factors affecting price Factors

will have been met. Both of the underlying instruments in these two examples are interchangeable, or fungible, in that any 5000 bushels of corn or any CAN$100 000 that meet the contract specifications can be used to honour the settlement under the terms of the contract. Tip On an everyday level, fungibility applies if we lend someone $10 or 20 litres of unleaded petrol. We don’t need to receive in return the same $10 note or 20 litres of unleaded petrol from the same specific supplier in

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